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Volunteer Opportunities with ECEPC

Under the direction of the Student and Early Career
Development (SECD) Sector, the Early Career Engineer (ECE)
Programming Committee (ECEPC) was formed and is looking
to add volu
nteers to the committee and associated ECEPC Teams.

The purpose of the ECEPC is to serve as the core effort in
workforce development specific to early career professionals
within ASME. The ECEPC’s vision is to ensure that ASME is
the premier provider of professional, technical, and career
development resources and to provide the direction to make
ASME an irresistible society to attract and retain early career
professionals worldwide. 


ECE Programming Committee Open Positions starting (June 2020)

The ECEPC has two member-at-large positions coming available the end of June 2020. If you are interested in the opportunity to volunteer with ASME working on early career programming, please complete the application form and send it to by November 24, 2019.

We look forward to reviewing your application and hearing about your excitement for early career engineer programs!

Position Details: Member-at-Large Position
(Two open positions available)


If you are interested in joining one of the ECEPC Teams, email us directly at and let us know which team of choice and we will get you connected with the team lead. (Multiple positions available)
  View our On Demand ASME FutureME Webinar: 
Being a committee or team member provides many
unique experiences and opportunities including:
  • Participating with ASME at the national/international
  • Learning more about activities within ASME
  • Making friends and professional contacts
  • Increasing team-building and leadership skills
  • Having the opportunity to impact early career engineers
  • Gaining experience working with a diverse group of
  • Showing your employer that you are invested in promoting
    the engineering profession

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