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Key Points Delivered at the FutureME Mini-Talks @PETE17

Checkout the quick summary of the FutureME
Mini-Talk KEY points mentioned at the 2017
Power & Energy/Turbo Expo:

Moderator Jason Ostanek, at Purdue Univ
#FutureMEMiniTalks cc @IGTI @ASMEPowerEnergy

Talk topics to reveal different perspectives on
career development #FutureMEMiniTalks cc @IGTI

Up 1st: Keye Su, at Duke Univ, on practical methods to maneuver transition #FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI

Takeaway 1: Su says find a mentor to navigate
through your career 
@IGTI @ASMEPowerEnergy     

Takeaway 2: Reinforce your findings; present work
by using data
#FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI
Takeaway 3: Be prepared for instant challenges
#FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI @ASMEPowerEnergy

Instant challenges is a situation requiring you to
provide unexpected updates on your work/projects
w/your manager @IGTI @ASMEPowerEnergy

Up next: Ankur Jain, at UT Arlington, on how
transferable skills benefit varied career paths

Takeaway 1: Jain says industry careers offer multiple
traits necessary for academic success.
#FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI @ASMEPowerEnergy

It will help you learn the value of setting goals,
prioritization of work and team work
#FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI @ASMEPowerEnergy

Takeaway 2: Industry experience can help develop
a successful and productive academic lab.
#FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI @ASMEPowerEnergy

Improves communication; face challenges and
meet milestones as you go through the research
#FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI

Takeaway 3: Industry experience boosts credibility
in the teaching aspect of an academic career
#FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI @ASMEPowerEnergy

Connecting theory with personal experience can
be very beneficial
#FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI

Last Talk:  Shane Haydt on why engrs. need to speak
differently about their work #FutureMEMiniTalks
@IGTI @ASMEPowerEnergy

Takeaway 1: Haydt says traditional recruiting
methods alienate potential engineers
#FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI @ASMEPowerEnergy

Society views boys as stronger in math+sci than
girls, this alienates girls from engineering
#FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI

Add’l qualities; problem-solving, curiosity, teamwork,
creativity, communication, and a desire
#FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI

Takeaway 2: Diversity in engineering provides and
economic and business advantage
#FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI @ASMEPowerEnergy

Diverse teams bring new perspectives, challenge
preconceptions, and make teams more likely to
remain objective.  #FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI

Takeaway 3: The Changing the Conversation
messages can help recruit underrepresented
minorities #FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI

Haydt says to use ENGINEER as a Synonym for
Problem-solving #FutureMEMiniTalks @IGTI

Thanks to everyone for following our
#FutureMEMiniTalks LIVE tweets! cc @IGTI

A brief Q&A discussion immediately following the
FutureME Mini-Talks gave the audience the
opportunity to ask specific questions.


During the FutureME Mini-Talks the audience
was asked for their feedback and here are the poll results.

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