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Become an ASME FutureME Mini-Talks Presenter


What are Mini-TalksMini-Talks are 7-10 minute short talks
on engineering and career development topics. Talks provide 
an opportunity for sharing experiences and knowledge, while 
engaging and inspiring early career engineers.
To view previous Mini-Talks, please visit our

This opportunity is open to ALL engineers that want to give
back to the engineering profession and help other engineers
gain a perspective for navigating their careers in engineering.

Call for Presenters: ASME FutureME Mini-Talks Speaking
Opportunity at the ASME IMECE conference, Salt Lake City, Utah 
We are seeking presenters for the ASME FutureME Mini-Talk Program taking place at the ASME IMECE conference in Salt Lake City, Utah to share stories and experiences in career development on how different choices and opportunities has influenced early career success with other early career engineers. 
Do you have insights to share on different aspects of career development with early career engineers?
Example topics could include:
  • Negotiations
  • Having a global impact through engineering
  • Risk-taking
  • Approaches to specialized knowledge and skills development
  • Planning your career path - from starting to changing the trajectory
  • Entrepreneurship in engineering 
  • Global impact on engineering development
  • STEM careers
  • Getting settled in a new town or new job
November 15-18, 2020
Oregon Convention Center
Portland, Oregon
Nominate yourself or a peer today. 
Who Should Apply?
Applicant must be energetic and passionate engineers who are excited to share their best practices and engineering expertise with early career engineers providing insight into essential strategies.
  • Gain high-visibility within the profession and perfect your presentation skills
  • Engage and Inspire other engineers with your experiences
  • Present in front of a large audience of your peers 
  • Potential feature on and the ASME FutureME
    YouTube channel
How to Apply? Email a short biography and topic summary to
Full-registration is available for participation in this program. Supported by the ASME ECE Programming Committee


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