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ASME FutureME BLOG Series: Transitions from School to Career

Finding success in transitioning from college to your career can be overwhelming. This blog series will cover different career paths and offer first-hand practical experience from a group of early career engineers.  The authors will provide details about starting their careers and the decisions they've made to become the engineers they are today. 

Chapter 1: 
Continued Personal Growth after Graduation
by Jordan Duhe, Design Engineer, Noble Plastics

Jordan Duhe shares her perspectives on why personalizing hobbies to complement the transition to a professional life will benefit an overall outlook on your career development. read more

Chapter 2: 
Learning to Thrive in Your First Job at a Large Company
by Ritesh Lakhkar, Senior Operations Program Manager in consumer electronics wearables, Fitbit Inc.

Ritesh Lakhkar provides his perspective on transitioning into a global work environment and working with cross functional teams. read more

Chapter 3: 
Reflections on Taking a Gap Year and on Going to Graduate School 
by Paige Balcom, ME Ph.D. Student, University of California-Berkeley

Paige Balcom shares her journey to development engineering and graduate school. She’ll discuss why she highly recommends a gap year for research, volunteering or work, compare undergrad v. grad life, and offer insights on why and when you should go to graduate school. read more

Chapter 4: 
Despite Bad Luck and Your Own Mistakes, Finding Opportunities for Growth
by Brian James, Project Engineer, Southern California Edison

Brian James shares how he navigated his transition from school to work during economic uncertainty. He will emphasize that mistakes happen, but from these mistakes come growth. It’s important to seize opportunity, take chances, and always think ahead. read more

Chapter 5: 
Advice for Transitioning to a New Career in a New Place
by Cayla Castells, Manufacturing Leadership Program, Owens Corning Roofing and Asphalt

Cayla Castells shares her perspective on why it’s important to own and manage your career; taking advantage of alumni associations along with other professional organizations to build a strong network; and the significance for asking questions in a career. read more

Chapter 6: 
Considerations on Taking an Academic Career Path 
by Steven Hoffenson, Assistant Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology

Steven Hoffenson shares his perspectives on pursuing an academic career from undergrad and grad school to his experiences in a faculty position. read more

Chapter 7: 
Building My Career as My Own Burrito Bowl
by Kushi Sellahennedige, Project Engineer, Jenike & Johanson

Kushi Sellahennedige provides her perspective on how to develop professional skills and experience throughout college while dispelling the myth that what is learned in college cannot really be used in your career. read more

Chapter 8: 
A Career Path to Satisfy a Hunger for Learning
by Ashlee Palm, Rotational Engineer, The Boeing Company

Ashlee Palm discusses her perspective on why graduates should not be afraid to move around early on in a career to find what they like; the importance of life-long learning and making big decisions for a fulfilling career. read more

Chapter 9: Questions for Blog Authors

Blog authors respond to questions asked about specific personal experience following their career path during the period of transition. read more

ASME FutureME Blog Series: Transitions was derived from the Mini-Talks program at 2018 ASME E-Fest West and East, which covered different perspectives and best practices on transitioning from school to work.

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