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ASME FutureME BLOG Series: How to Adjust to the Culture of Being a Young Professional

Today’s early career engineer has to not only be technically sound, he/she has to adapt to a business engineering environment while navigating the fast pace of changing technologies and advancements. Learning to juggle new priorities, work in a project environment and balance personal time can be challenging.

Chapter 1: Volunteerism: A path to building confidence and creating connections

Joseph Radisek, Manufacturing Engineer, Honeywell shares his perspective on how volunteerism has helped to move his career forward. read more

Chapter 2: What after work? Advice on time management and finding your passion 
Maria Allen is a Production Engineer at Dow Chemical provides her perspective on how finding your passion outside of work can improve your engagement in the office while creating a healthy work-life balance. read more
ASME FutureME Blog Series: Transitions was derived from the Mini-Talks program at 2019 ASME E-Fest North, which covered different perspectives and best practices on transitioning from school to work.

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