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2017 Greenville Section ASME Scholarship Application now Available (Application Deadline: March 10, 2017)
Greenville Section ASME Members: Make sure your children and grandchildren who are High School Seniors and planning to pursue Engineering in College are aware that the 2017 ASME Greenville Section Norm Clayton Family Scholarship Application has been posted as a PDF file under Resources on the Greenville Section website All necessary information is shown on the 2-page form, including the deadline of 3-10-17 to complete the e-mail submittal of the application and supporting documentation. This scholarship is for entering freshmen only.

Current college student ASME members are encouraged to visit to pursue ASME Current-student Scholarships.
REMINDER: Please help replenish your ASME Greenville Section Scholarship Fund with your 501(c)3 deductible donation. These donations may be made directly to the Section Treasurer, Trina Baldwin , or via your ASME renewal form.
Contact the Greenville Section Scholarship Chair if you have any questions about the scholarship.

The Greenville Section has approximately 750 members in the western part of North and South Carolina The major cities are Greenville and Spartanburg in SC and Asheville in NC Clemson University is part of the Greenville Section