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Greenville Section

The Greenville Section has approximately 750 members in the western part of North and South Carolina. Major cities are Greenville and Spartanburg in SC and Asheville in NC. Clemson University is part...
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Calendar 2017-2018

ASME Greenville Section
Date and Time
24 May 2018
Solar Atmospheres
15 March 2018
Dinner Mtg
Michelin (W Davis)
15 Feb 2018
Dinner Mtg
ASME Update (J Patterson, COO)
18 Jan 2018
Dinner Mtg
Palmetto Propulsion (D Brower)
14 Dec 2017
Dinner Mtg
Lockheed (K Mazur)
16 Nov 2017
Dinner Mtg
BRUKS (C Duffy)
19 Oct 2017
Dinner Mtg
NuScale (M Peras)
12 Oct 2017
Honeywell Aerospace Aftermarket Services
21 Sep 2017
Dinner Mtg
GE Renewables (E Hall)
17 Aug 2017
Innovative Manufacturing and Design