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GLDC 2018: Where or from who can we get help developing our section web site?

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  • The questioner did not mention whether his/her Section was utilizing the Group page (as is recommended) or where they maintaining a separate web site on another domain.

    I would stress that all ASME groups utilize the group page as their official ASME web presence. This is a highly underutilized resource. Any visitor starting at looking for your group will likely land on your group page first.

    I would be interested in receiving feedback from groups that have declined to utilize the group regarding the issues that led to them go away from that resource.

    I also would like to know if there is interest in receiving training in how to utilize the group page, including examples of best practices already in use.

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  • Are there Documentation instructions Crissy Johns has added in the knowledge base already existing?
    What is a good place to put instruction files like this?

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  • There are a lot of resources, including tutorials, in the " Community Help & Support" page. There is even a tutorial on using the Group "Forum", which I had not seen!

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