Group Pathways & Support (GPS)

A group page dedicated to providing support and resources for official Groups and Group Leaders (of Technical Divisions, Senior Sections, and Research Committees.)

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pdf Oct 3 Webinar Q&A Oct 3 2017 Webinar QA.pdf Public Download
pdf Oct 3 Webinar Slides Slides for 3 Oct 2017 Webinar on Group Engagement.pdf Public Download
pdf Consolidated Banking Webinar for US Sections Consolidated Banking Webinar for Sections.pdf Public Download
pdf ASME Update - May-June 2017 Webinar Slides ASME Update-May-June 2017-Webinar Slides.pdf Public Download
pdf Scholarship Guidelines for Groups Group Scholarship GUIDELINES.pdf Public Download
xls Award Request Template Awards Request Template.xlsx Public Download
pdf Workshop Evaluation Form - pdf Workshop-Evaluation-Form.pdf Public Download
doc Workshop Evaluation Form - word doc Workshop-Evaluation-Form.docx Public Download
ppt GPS Requisition Tool Training PPT GPS Req Tool Training PPT.pptx Public Download
pdf TEC Meeting & Training Presentation Slides Division Training - Denver - February 2016.pdf Public Download
pdf Webinar - Annual Plan & ASME Program Portfolio May 2015 Webinar on Annual Plan and ASME Foundation Programs Portfolio.pdf Public Download
pdf Division Leadership Training - May 2nd Updated Deck - Final Dvision Training - May 2nd.pdf Public Download
pdf CPEG Operation Guide CPEG Operation Guide.pdf Public Download
pdf Webinar Slides - GPS Requisition Tool Webinar Slides - GPS Requisition Tool.pdf Public Download
ppt GPS Update - January 2015 GPS Update.pptx Public Download
pdf Presentation - Houston, TX Orientation Slides Houston Combined Slides.pdf Public Download
pdf Guide - Group Operations Guide Group Operation Guide - 04-16-15.pdf Public Download
pdf Financial Brochure (Segregated Accounts and Activity Approval for ASME Groups) financial_bro_Final.pdf Public Download
pdf Special Orientation Sept. 27 Slides Special Orientation Houston Sept 27 Slides.pdf Public Download
doc Template - Section Newsletter Sept 2014 ASME-Section-Newsletter-Templates - Sept14.doc Public Download