Group Pathways & Support (GPS)

A group page dedicated to providing support and resources for official Groups and Group Leaders (of Technical Divisions, Senior Sections, and Research Committees.)

Online Tools &

GPS Requisition Tool

The Group Pathways & Support (GPS) Requisition Tool (powered by ServiceNow®) has been designed to serve as a portal for providing groups with support and assistance. This tool will be one of the ways GPS staff will be able to assist you and your group(s) in engaging more effectively with ASME’s available programs and services. Submit requests, track your submissions, export data and more!

Financial Reports Manager

The Financial Reports Manager provides Group Chairs and Treasurers access to their segregated (custodial fund) accounts.

Consolidated Banking & the ASME Unit Revenue & Expense Register

A tool used by U.S. Section Chairs and Treasurers to code financial transactions through their Consolidated Banking accounts, as well as generate financial reports.

Online Roster & List Serve Tool

Leaders can find out information on ASME members in their group, or send a message to the membership of their group.

Speakers Bureau for ASME Units

The Speakers Bureau provides groups with a directory of lecturers equipped to speak on relevant subjects of interest to members and guests.

Wondering what an Participant profile is? Need a better understanding of how to manage and oversee a group? Join the groups below for detailed information on using's new community platform!

For Participants and General Help: Join the Community Help & Support Group Page

For Group Admins of Group Pages: Closed group for group page admins. Contact GPS to be added to this group if you haven't been added already.

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