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Speakers Bureau for ASME Units

Important Update to the Speakers Bureau Program for FY15

Please note that no separate funding will be provided for the Speakers Bureau in FY15.

About the Speakers Bureau

The ASME Speakers Bureau is a resource for ASME units to help develop quality programming for a variety of events such as section meetings Early Career Forums, public meetings, for example during E-Week, and technical conferences. Topics may range from those appropriate for the:

  • Public - presenting scientific issues of general interest to a public audience
  • General audiences - for an ASME audience of engineers, students, and guests
  • Specialized - aimed at engineers and students in fields that are closely related to that of the lecturer

Why invite a speaker?

  • Get informed about current technologies and advancements
  • Learn from technical experts
  • Network and share knowledge with others
  • Provide a better member experience!

Speaker Directory

The Directory is used to view the current available speakers, or to search for a speaker in your area. Make sure to view a speaker's details for more specific information on a speaker's technical area or location. Contact information (e-mail only) is also included so you can reach out to the speaker and make arrangements for your event. View the online Speaker Directory.

Attention members of the press: Speakers within this directory are listed for exclusive use by ASME units. Members of the press can inquire about speakers from ASME and other resources for the media by visiting the ASME Press Room.

Why Become a Speaker?

Being an ASME Speaker provides visibility for you and your work in the ASME community. It also provides you many professional and personal benefits, including:

  • Satisfaction of providing others a valuable and useful experience, or of helping them reach and attain goals that are important to them.
  • Greater capacity for listening to, training, and motivating others.
  • Interpersonal communication skills building.
  • Practice getting and keeping the attention of an audience.

Planning and delivering a well-researched, well-organized presentation to meet the specific needs of your audience affects other areas of your life. You begin to plan and organize your thoughts more effectively; this is especially helpful in your career or business!

Speaking At Events

As a participant of the Speakers Bureau, you may be asked to speak at events that are local to you, such as section meetings, Early Career Forums, public meetings, E-Week activities, and technical conferences. Topics can range from those appropriate to the public, to specialized topics geared toward others in your field. While there are no guaranteed speaking honorariums, you may negotiate with interested ASME units.

Interested in Becoming a Speaker?

We are actively recruiting speakers, especially those whose topics align with ASME's strategic priorities in Energy, Global Impact, and Workforce Development. Participation is quick, easy and strictly voluntary, and you do not need to be an ASME member to participate! Complete the online Speaker Registration Process, which includes:

  • Creating your profile
  • Uploading your photo (.JPG format only, 2MB limit)
  • Digitally signing the Speaker Agreement

Once we review your application and photo, and receive the completed agreement form, we will contact you to confirm your participation, and you will be added to our speaker listing online. Unit members may then contact you directly. All arrangements are between you and the unit for which you will be speaking.

Speakers and Units - please note: ASME staff cannot make any arrangements for you, but can facilitate contact with the speaker or ASME Unit should you have an issue.

Have a question? Please contact us.

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