Group Pathways & Support (GPS)

A group page dedicated to providing support and resources for official Groups and Group Leaders (of Technical Divisions, Senior Sections, and Research Committees.)

Documents & Guides

ONE ASME at a Glance: a one-page, high-level overview of the reorganization

Engineering a Brighter Future: a more in-depth at the rationale for the change and the structure.

Segregated Accounts and Activity Approval for Groups: explains how we will be approving Group activities and how you can use custodian and consolidated bank accounts

Operation Guide for Groups: This guide was recently approved by the Sector Management Committee. This replaces all current group operating Guides and/or Bylaws. This is now your group’s governing document.

Scholarship Guidelines: This document illustrates ASME’s guidelines for scholarships.  

Conference Planning & Execution Guide (CPEG): An updated version of the previous RECIPE guide, the CPEG defines guidelines for individuals and groups that contribute to ASME conference initiation, planning and execution.

Questions related to these documents can be sent to

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