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Student Section Activity Funding Program

About the Program 

The Student Section Activity Funding Program has been established to provide funding assistance to ASME Student Sections at universities that want to plan and conduct local, ASME-based activities, but lack the funds to do so.

The program’s main goal is to promote relationship building and engagement between graduating students, Early Career Engineers, Student Sections, and ASME.

How does it work?

Student Sections will submit an activity proposal, and indicate the amount of funding desired. Student Sections may receive up to $500 of funding for their proposed activity.

Activities must be conducted with the Student Section and an Early Career Engineer (ECE) alumni who is an ASME member.  The student section is responsible for finding and contacting the ECE alumni.

How much funding can a Student Section receive?

If the eligibility requirements have been met, Student Sections may receive up to $500 of funding for their activity.

What can funding be used for?

Option 1: Graduation Celebration - Student Sections can use the funding to host a graduation celebration at the end of the school year. This celebration should be a way to connect graduating members, current ASME student members, and Early Career Engineers. This should foster networking, promotes professional membership in ASME and connect potential future student officers.

Option 2: Networking Event - Student Sections can use the funding to host a networking event. The event should be a way to connect ASME student members and local Early Career Engineers. This should promote networking and career opportunities.

Option 3: Technical Tour - Student Sections can use the funding to coordinate a technical tour with local Early Career engineers. This tour should be an opportunity to see real-world applications of engineering while networking.

NOTE: Funding from this program cannot be used for ASME leadership training events, Conferences / Expos, Fundraising, Travel stipends, subsidies, contributions, gift giving, donations, or dues to external organizations

Who can apply?

The program will be open to any ASME Student Section at a university/college, provided the student section meets the program requirements. Funding will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis for up to 10 Student Sections in each of the following geographical areas until March 1st.  After March 1st, the remaining funds will be available to the student sections that meet the requirements of the program regardless of their geographical area.

  • US, Canada & Mexico
  • Latin America & the Caribbean
  • Europe
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Asia & the Pacific Rim

What are the program requirements?

The Student Section must be active and in good standing, as indicated by:

  • Submitting leadership team names on a yearly basis by sending their officer information to
  • Having a current, active social media page

In addition, the following requirements must be met:

  • The Student Section must inform the Student Section Advisor of the intent to submit a proposal
  • The Student Section must submit a completed proposal, including all attachments.
  • Only one activity proposal per student section/university may be submitted per ASME program year.
  • The proposed activity must be in cooperation with an Early Career Engineer Alumni.  This means you must work with the Early Career Engineer Alumni on a project.
  • The proposed activity must occur during the current program year
  • The proposed activity helps meet ASME’s mission and vision -
  • A Final Report with all applicable attachments must be submitted to be considered for future funding.

When is the application period?

Applications for the program can be submitted beginning November 1. The application period continues until all the funds are used, or June 30th of the existing program year whichever comes first.

How can a Student Section apply?

  1. Download the Student Section Funding Application 
  2. Submit the completed application to

Who is considered an Early Career Engineer?

An Early Career Engineer is any ASME member who has graduated with a ME degree June 2009 or later.

How can I contact an Early Career Engineer?

You can contact an Early Career Engineer by going to your university’s Alumni office and asking them to send out an e-mail for you.  You can also ask your student section advisor or ME Department head for recommendations.

What is the process for determining whether or not a funding request is approved?

Funding will be awarded to 10 Student Sections per region, on a first-come, first-serve basis, provided the program requirements have been met in full.

How will the Student Section receive the funding? How long will it take to distribute?

Staff will work with the Student Section and/or the university/college to issue funds either by wire transfer or gift card prior to the activity occurring. Additional details will be conveyed to the Student Section once the proposal has been approved.

How can a Student Section submit a final report?

A Student Section should submit a final report to The final report should be submitted within 30 days after conducting the activity. Additional instructions for submitting a final report, as well as the final report template, will be provided to the Student Section when funding is awarded.

Final reports must be submitted in order for the Student Section to be eligible to receive funding from the program in future years. 

More about funding

If all funds are allocated prior to the end of the program year, no further requests for funding will be processed. Requests should be submitted as early as possible by the Student Section to enhance the likelihood of funding.


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