ASME Student Led Design Conference (SLDC) is a yearly event organized by ASME India at the zonal level. ASME SLDC 2015 was a tremendous success and received overwhelming participation in various zones last year.

ASME SLDC 2016 will be a wonderful and enriching experience for the host student section. We seek your support in making this edition of ASME SLDC a huge success. Institute representatives from every Zone of ASME India interested in hosting SLDC 2016 are requested to fill the following Google form for registration.

The last date for expressing your primary interest is 5th July 2016 by registering through the Google form.

This immensely productive and popular event acts as a platform for students to showcase their engineering prowess by competing in a series of technical competitions. In addition, the conference provides students with an opportunity to advance their communication skills by participating in several oral competitions. The professional development seminars provide the attendees with a plethora of opportunities to interact and establish a professional network. ASME SLDC events include:

1. Student Design Competition (SDC)

The ASME Student Design Competition provides a platform for students to present their solutions to a range of design problems.

2. Invention Showcase (IShow)

The ASME Invention Showcase focuses on the design and engineering journey of taking physical products to market.

3. Old Guard Program Competitions

The ASME Old Guard competitions consist of a variety of events which test the communication skills of students. The events included are:

• Oral Presentation
• Video Presentation
• Technical Web Page Presentation
• Technical Poster Presentation

4. Student Training Conference and Guest lectures
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This form is to be filled by representatives of institutes willing to be the hosts of SLDC 2016. Event would be of 3 days and preferable time range would be from in September-October 2016.