Meeting minutes for executive committee meeting on Dec 5th

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Information Storage & Processing Systems Division (ISPS) of ASME serves the mechanical engineer engaged in the data storage and information processing systems industries, such as printers, scanners...
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  • Meeting minutes for executive committee meeting on Dec 5th



    1.       Attending members: Nocheol, Frank, EH, Ralf, Neal, KS, Paul, Aravind, Bart, Dan, Jie

    a.       Philip from ASME also called in

    2.       Discussion topics

    a.       Newsletter: many members has not read yet, so pushed out to offline communication

    b.      Membership: Dan reviewed the statistics. Raised question on if new ISPS14 attendees are enrolled.

    c.       Publication

                                                                              i.      Jie (on behalf of James) gave ISPS’s requirement (special issue preferred, timeline, cost etc)

                                                                            ii.      Philip shared his view, questioning the historic changes of the publication, recommending piecemeal publication in ASME journals per technical focus, willing to broker such deals with editors under him

                                                                          iii.      Frank emphasized the importance of publication to students’ study therefore conference attending level. Also expressed near term impact if ISPS14 publication is delayed or not happening.

                                                                           iv.      Paul mentioned difficulties talking to ASME editors

                                                                             v.      Jie recommended action items

                                                                           vi.      Good-night to Philip

    d.      MIPE:

                                                                              i.      KS provided status update including key dates

                                                                            ii.      Jie asked about the publication related details, and also mentioned Stephen’s reminder of EPAT entry due to use of ASME logo (implying co-sponsorship). Some members think there is no need for EPAT because no logistic involvement including funding from ISPS side.

                                                                          iii.      Paul added some inputs on publication etc

                                                                           iv.      Action items recommended

    e.      Other items

                                                                              i.      Neal/team discussed students support even planning for ASME publicity (with division residue fund). Action recommended.

                                                                            ii.      Motion to budget MIPE attendance travel support for key contributing/needy members: pass (selection process TBD)

                                                                          iii.      Contingency plan discussion on publication and MIPE events

    1.       Nocheol/Paul/EH further commented on the benefits of a consolidated special issue for journal papers, and negative impact on future division participation of lack of it

    f.        Good-bye to each other and meeting adjourned


    Action Items (per priority)


    1.       MIPE EPAT resolution

    a.       KS/Ralf/Neal/Aravind/Jie form a working team: other volunteer welcome

    b.      Immediately discuss with Stephen to resolve it

    c.       Also assess contingency plan (withdraw ASME logo, but this also rule out travel support option)

    2.       Journal publication resolution

    a.       Jie/Paul form a working team: other volunteer welcome

    b.      Work out work long term options including Philip’s proposal and original special issue preference (say with Nocheol/Paul/EH’s recommendations)

    c.       Work out resolution for ISPS14 (Nocheol and many other EC members view publication on MST is an announced obligation)

    3.       Newsletter

    a.       All members to review and help refine

    b.      Jie/Peng to wrap up and send out via email to extended division DL and also post on Website before US Christmas

    c.       (recommended) All members to log on website and join Participant Group

    4.       Student event with residue fund

    a.       Ralf/Neal/Dan/Peng to form working group and handle it

    5.       Membership

    a.       Dan/Jie to work out with Stephen to automate future enrollment process, and adding ISPS14 missing new members

    6.       Publication/MIPE contingency plan

    a.       All MALs (Frank/Neal/Nocheol/James/Jeff/EN) to strategize levering on ASME knowledge/experience


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