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ASME Turbo Expo 2017 Conference Committee


Paul Garbett

Executive Conference Chair

Paul Garbett, Siemens Power and Gas Division


Mark Turner

Conference Chair

Mark Turner, University of Cincinnati


Zolti Spakovszky

Review Chair

Zolti Spakovszky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Ray Chupp

Technical Program Chair

Ray Chupp, REC Consulting, LLC


Vice Review Chair

Nirm Nirmalan, GE


Vice Review Chair

Stephen Spence, Queen's University Belfast


Vice Review Chair

Alberto Traverso, University of Genova


Local Liaison Chair

Brian Maragno, Siemens


Dave Pincince

Exhibitor Representative

Dave Pincince, TURBOCAM International


Tim Lieuwen

Board Liaison

Tim Lieuwen, Georgia Institute of Technology

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