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International Gas Turbine Institute (IGTI)

Dedicated to supporting the international exchange and development of information to improve the design, application, manufacture, operation and maintenance, and environmental impact of all types of...
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Why YOU Should Get Involved with IGTI Today:
IGTI members and event participants use our products and services to help enhance their careers. Whether new to IGTI or long-standing volunteers, individuals will find the organization to be an important resource for turbomachinery professionals.

Download a video testimonial from an IGTI event participant and instructor.

OR View this video on YouTube.  

Download a video testimonial from a long-standing IGTI member. OR View this video on YouTube.


Why YOU Should Go To ASME Turbo Expo:

Exhibitors go to Turbo Expo to showcase new products and network with new and existing clients from all over the world. Companies who wish to receive extra visibility during the conference can also opt for a sponsorship.

Download an exhibitor video testimonial. OR View this video on YouTube.

Download a sponsor video testimonial to learn about the benefits of sponsorship. OR View this video on YouTube.

"The Turbo Expo exhibit gathers the top technical strategists of the OEMS in one location, allowing companies like ours to interact one on one with the individuals who drive the purchasing decisions."
- Dan Kominsky, Vice President – Engineering, Prime Research, LC

"At Turbo Expo, we meet the right people in industry, which in turn helps sales and this show meets our trade show goals."
- Tara Firenze, U.S. Trade Show Coordinator, CD-adapco

"Exhibiting at Turbo Expo benefits us with potential customers for our products and services. Excellent contacts from the Show."
- Rick Scheuer, Global Sales & Marketing Manager, Bently Pressurized Bearing Company

"At Turbo Expo, we have more high level engineering managers visit our booth than other Shows we attend."
- Ken Klapper, Sales Engineering Manager, BryCoat, Inc.

Technical Conference attendees gain a variety of benefits - from networking with peers from around the world to learning about the latest technological advances from industry experts. In addition, the conference proceedings, alone, are worth the price of admission, as the DVD usually contains more than 1,000 peer-reviewed publications! 

Download an attendee video testimonial. OR View this video on YouTube.

"It is the world's largest and best-organised conference with a lot of high-quality papers/presentations. You can increase your knowledge day by day."
- Andreas Marn, Graz University of Technology

"The knowledge gained was worth more than the cost and travel."
 - Paul Servoss, Southwest Generation Operating Co LLC

"It is the most important conference in the turbomachinery field. It is the conference in the turbomachinery field where people prefer to publish."
- Bent Phillipsen, ABB Turbo Systems AG

"This is the conference to meet the who-is-who in Gas Turbines, as well as colleagues, make university contacts and meet competitors."
- Marc Mittelbach, Siemens

"The technical conference of ASME Turbo Expo has a well-earned reputation for bringing together the best and brightest experts from around the world to share the latest in gas turbine technology, research and development, and application."
- Ke Wang, Xi'an Jiaotang University

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