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Global Gas Turbine News

The Global Gas Turbine News (GGTN) is published quarterly inside ASME's Mechanical Engineering magazine. The GGTN provides technical content as well as updates on industry and ASME IGTI events.

If you are an ASME member, you automatically receive Mechanical Engineering as part of your membership. For single-issue reprints of Mechanical Engineering or to subscribe, call 1-800-THE ASME.

Recent GGTN issues:

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September 2017
May 2017
March 2017

December 2016
September 2016
May 2016
March 2016

December 2015
September 2015
May 2015
March 2015

December 2014
September 2014
April 2014
February 2014

Earlier editions of the GGTN are available by request.  Contact if you would like an earlier edition copy.


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