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ASME IGTI Committees

The heart of the ASME International Gas Turbine Institute is its highly successful committee structure. ASME IGTI's Committees provide regular ongoing forums for program development and technical exchange, addressing all areas of technical expertise related to gas turbines, turbomachinery and related equipment.

The Committees organize the high quality paper and panel sessions for the annual conferences sponsored by ASME IGTI. Committee members consist of leading engineers in close contact with the latest developments in turbomachinery equipment, improvements in techniques, and introductions of new practices. They bring such developments to the annual ASME TURBO EXPO where these activities may be reported, discussed freely, and their benefits shared by the entire turbomachinery community.

Over 30 countries are represented by the Committee membership, derived from academic, government, and industrial affiliations.

All ASME IGTI Committees support their individual missions with the following activities:

  • Monitoring current issues and trends in gas turbines, turbomachinery, and related equipment, and organizing related sessions for the TURBO EXPO or other related programs. Committee members assist in this process by suggesting session topics, presenting papers, participating on panel discussions, and acting as Session Chair or Vice Chair.
  • Supporting the ASME IGTI Review process, which assures quality peer reviewed published paper presentations. Committee members assist in this by coordinating peer reviews according to the ASME IGTI guidelines, communicating needed revisions to the author, reviewing papers, and assisting the Journal editors.
  • Encouraging cooperation with other professional societies who share common interests. ASME has cooperative agreements with many engineering societies throughout the world. Although ASME membership is not required to join an ASME IGTI Committee, it is recommended. ASME membership is required to serve as Committee Chair or Vice Chair.
  • Actively working to expand the membership to maintain the breadth and depth of experience necessary to address the Committee's focused area of interest. The most valued benefit of being an active Committee member is the opportunity to interact with an international membership of leading professionals in the turbomachinery industry.
  • Recognizing technical accomplishments by nominating papers for ASME and Committee awards. Several highly-respected awards are presented annually at the ASME TURBO EXPO.

If you are interested in becoming involved in one or more of the Committees, simply contact the related Chair. The Committees differ slightly in their membership requirements, but in most cases it would be helpful to provide a letter of interest, a resume, and (if appropriate) a letter of support from your employer. Attend a Committee meeting. Committee meetings are open to all interested persons. Each Committee differs on the frequency and location of their meetings. However, all of the Committees meet at the annual ASME TURBO EXPO. 

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