AIAA/IEEE(AESS) Joint Section Meeting - The Grumman Lunar Module

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  • AIAA/IEEE(AESS) Joint Section Meeting - The Grumman Lunar Module

    AIAA/IEEE(AESS) Joint Section Meeting

    Wednesday, October 16, 2019

    Presentation: The Grumman Lunar Module

    Speaker: Ms. Lois Lovisolo - Former Northrop Grumman Historian, and Former Bethpage Public Library Director

    Location: Bethpage Public Library, 47 Powell Avenue, Bethpage, NY


    • 6:00 PM Social Time
    • 6:30 PM Pizza
    • 7:00 PM Presentation

    In October of 1957, the successful launch of Russia's Sputnik shocked the nation and invigorated America's aircraft companies. After a number of Soviet 'firsts' in space, President John Kennedy upped the stakes by promising we would put a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth before the end of the decade. Grumman bid on, and lost, several of the ensuing competitions for Apollo hardware. But in l962, the lunar excursion module was awarded to Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation - the last major contract to be awarded by NASA. This is the story of the background, building and success of Grumman's engineering.

    Lois Lovisolo was employed by Grumman from 1978 to 1994, serving as assistant to the historian and then as Corporate Historian starting in 1985. After leaving Grumman, she became a librarian.

    For more information on this event, or to learn how to register, please download the event flyer.

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