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News & Updates

  • LA ASME 2013 Special: Section History Book

    authored by Paul Biba, PE

    The Los Angeles Section 100 Year Anniversary History book, authored by Paul Biba, PE, is for sale to the members and the public. The book is titled "The History of the Los Angeles Section from 1969 to 2013".  It runs 500 pages in 3 parts:

    • The Directory
    • Attachments
    • Index.

    The LA ASME offers the book (in color) at a 50% discount. The cost including the mailing is $70 per book.

    The buyer can save $10 if he/she would pre-arrange to pick up the book at a LA Section meeting. The buyer should send the check and arrange for pick-up about 2 weeks ahead of the meeting. The check should be made to the Los Angeles ASME and sent to:

    The LA ASME
    P.O. Box 1151
    La Canada, CA 91012