Official ASME Group

Management Division

The Management Division is concerned with the management of the engineering process at all of its levels.


The Management Division is concerned with the management of the engineering process at all of its levels, national and international, and specifically as applied to the following: project and program management, the process of technological innovation, motivation, communication, human resources, organization and planning, technology forecasting and assessment, product and market analysis and planning, sales engineering organizations, technology transfer, finance, economic development, management information systems, the application of computer programs and data bands, small business, management development and education, the measurement of performance, quality and productivity, employment of engineers, and personal growth and management.

  1. Promote the art, science and practice of management among members of the Society in the fields of planning, organizing and directing and controlling resources, both human and material, to improve the quality of products and services provided by organizations and to achieve objectives in the most effective and efficient manner.
  2. Encourage and foster research, development and the publication of significant information in the field of management within the Division's scope.
  3. Foster the interchange of ideas among engineers by :
  4. Encouraging the preparation, presentation and/or publication of papers, reports, manuals and texts on management subjects;
  5. Organizing programs for presentation and discussion of management papers and reports and in which all members of the Society and invited participants may meet on an equal basis to exchange experiences and ideas; and
  6. Cooperating with other technical divisions, committees and groups within the Society and with other engineering or management organizations with respect to preparation and presentation of papers and reports, management standards and ethics, management education and development, and special services in order to avoid duplication of effort and/or possible conflicts
  7. Provide opportunities for education and training in the field of engineering management to ASME members and others active in the field.
  8. Cooperate with and provide encouragement to the Board on Professional Development, colleges, universities, and other societies, that offer courses, seminars, workshops and conferences relating to the field of management.
  9. Stimulate interest in international management activities by developing an exchange of management methods and procedures, skills and important literature with engineering management groups abroad, utilizing, among others, the Society's international contacts, groups and committees.
  10. Encourage the development of the affiliated committees for the advancement of specialized functions within the general framework of the Management Division.
  11. Direct attention to outstanding achievement and general contributions in the field of management to all members of the Society and to recommend and/or provide suitable recognition for such achievement.
  12. Provide that its activities shall be directed, with due consideration of the diversity of the Division's membership, by members of the society who have achieved recognition for knowledge and experience in management and have shown by activity within the Division, the necessary ability and willingness to discharge such responsibilities.