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Manufacturing Engineering Division (MED) is concerned with the knowledge base of manufacturing sciences and technology and its applications for improved production performance.
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News & Updates

  • Advances in Multidisciplinary Engineering Track: IMECE Abstracts Due March 2

    We are now accepting abstract submissions for ASME’s International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE), scheduled November 13 – 19, 2015, in Houston, Texas. Submit an abstract by Monday, March 2 to present your paper to more than 4,000 attendees representing more than 20 mechanical engineering disciplines. 

    Read more about Track 19: Advances in Multidisciplinary Engineering in the attachment, which includes the following technical topics: Tribology, Manufacturing and Productivity, Polymer Processing, Axiomatic Design and Complex Systems, and Multidisciplinary Engineering Education.

    Please visit the “Submit Abstract” section of the IMECE website to review the updated submission requirements. Also, please ensure that your submission represents either the first publication of material or the first publication of an original compilation of information from a number of sources as specifically noted by footnotes and/or bibliography. Your submission should not be similar to other work submitted to, or under consideration by, other organizations and/or journals. 

    Visit to learn more.