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Manufacturing Engineering Division (MED) is concerned with the knowledge base of manufacturing sciences and technology and its applications for improved production performance.
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News & Updates

  • Call for Papers: ASME JMSE Special Issue on Sustainable Life Cycle Engineering

    Dear Colleagues, 

    The ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering (JMSE) invites you to submit your research results and findings to a Special Issue on Sustainable Life Cycle Engineering. This special issue accepts submissions on all design and manufacturing-focused principles related to sustainability, including reduction of materials and energy use, substitution of renewables to replace non-renewable materials, reduction in undesirable environmental emissions, waste reduction, design and manufacturing methods for closing the product life cycle loop, re-engineering the structure of manufacturing enterprises, and new business models and paradigms to influence more sustainable manufacturing practices. Research across all product and service system considerations, including new product design, production planning, execution and monitoring, procurement, distribution, maintenance, and end of life, are invited.

    Submissions on new design tools, decision making methods, educational approaches, and life cycle modeling and assessment methodologies, targeting sustainability are encouraged. Case studies focusing on quantifiable business outcomes of implemented sustainable solutions that reveal opportunities for overcoming sustainability challenges in design and manufacturing are also encouraged.

    As a joint effort between the Design Engineering Division (DED) and the Manufacturing Engineering Division (MED), this special issue aims to provide a platform for researchers to disseminate research findings on the role of design decisions and emerging manufacturing approaches towards solving pressing economic, social and environmental challenges of our time. Original research contributions and/or reviews are invited for this Special Issue. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

    • Sustainable Design and Manufacturing Principles
    • Business and Social Outcomes of Sustainable Design
    • New Life Cycle Modeling Methods and Assessment
    • Practices for Effective Sustainable Design and Manufacturing Education
    • Methods for Merging Industrial Value Creation towards Sustainability
    • Sustainability of Industry 4.0 and IoT-enabled Socio-Technical Systems
    • Novel Metrics for Sustainability Explicitly Outlining Metric Construction and Assessment
    • Information Sharing Platforms for Sustainability
    • Innovative Design of Sustainable Systems
    • Case Studies of Sustainable Design and Manufacturing in Practice
    • Emerging Computing Technologies and Architectures for Sustainability


    Manuscripts are due April 15, 2018 and publication of the Special Issue is scheduled for February 2019.

    Submission Guidelines

    Papers should be submitted electronically to the Journal at If you already have an account, login as author and select Submit Paper at the bottom of the page. If you do not have an account, select Submissions and follow the steps. In either case, at the Paper Submittal page, select the Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering and then select the special issue Sustainable Life Cycle Engineering.

    Guest Editors

    Dr. Sara Behdad, University at Buffalo, SUNY, USA,

    Dr. William Z. Bernstein, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA,

    Prof. Karl R. Haapala, Oregon State University, USA,

  • Call for Chapters – Springer Book on Design Education Today

    Dear Colleague:


    We are writing to invite contributions to an edited book on "Design Education Today – Technical Contexts, Programs and Best Practices".


    The book is scheduled to be published by Springer in 2019. Please see the attached Call for Chapters for additional details.


    If you are interested in contributing a chapter, please submit an extended abstract of up to 500 words outlining the scope and content of the proposed chapter, including 3-6 key words and a brief statement as to why the proposed chapter falls within the scope of the book directly to the editors, ,  no later than March 15, 2018.


    Please feel free to forward this call to other colleagues in the broader design community who may be interested in contributing a chapter.


    Best wishes,


    Dirk Schaefer, University of Liverpool, UK

    Graham Coates, Newcastle University, UK

    Claudia Eckert, The Open University, UK

  • CALL FOR NOMINATIONS – 2018 M. Eugene Merchant Manufacturing Medal; William T. Ennor Manufacturing Technology Award; Milton C. Shaw Manufacturing Research Medal; Chao and Trigger Young Manufacturing Engineer Award

    Dear Colleagues,


    Season’s greetings from MED Executive Committee!


    Listed below please find the hyperlinks of several Society-level and Division-level manufacturing awards and the corresponding Award Committee Chair with their contact information. The purpose of each award and the nomination instructions are detailed in the respective Award website. We strongly encourage you to consider nominating individuals who are high-achieving and deserving of such recognitions. If you have questions about any particular award and the nomination process, please do not hesitate to contact the respective Award Committee Chair.


    DEADLINE for Nomination submissions: February 1, 2018


    The award recipients will be announced in spring or summer and presented in MSEC 2018 (June 18-22, 2018 at College Station, TX) hosted by Texas A&M University.



    M. Eugene Merchant Manufacturing Medal of ASME/SME

    Committee Chair: Professor John W. Sutherland (


    William T. Ennor Manufacturing Technology Award

    Committee Chair: Professor Yuebin Guo (


    Milton C. Shaw Manufacturing Research Medal

    Committee Chair: Professor Yong Huang (


    Chao and Trigger Young Manufacturing Engineer Award

    Committee Chair: Professor Yong Huang (



    Best regards,

    Kevin Chou

    On Behalf of MED Executive Committee