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Manufacturing Engineering Division (MED) is concerned with the knowledge base of manufacturing sciences and technology and its applications for improved production performance.
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News & Updates

  • Call for Volunteers for new International Additive Manufacturing Conference

    We are seeking volunteers for a new International Additive Manufacturing Conference set for October 19-21, 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal. This conference is being conducted in partnership with the European Welding Federation and ASME. This will be a technical research conference with hopes of engaging both industry and academia.

    About the Conference – initial planning and discussion

    Regarding the topics of the sessions:

    • AM Materials, materials development and new materials
    • Machines
    • Qualifications/Quality Assurance/Quality Control (Q3)
    • Process development and new processes
    • Modeling and Simulation
    • Applications / Case Studies
    • Have a session, not related to Metals, Composites and Polymers, on new materials in AM

    Regarding the scope and objectives:

    • 2/3 Day conference with Parallel session all days
    • Objective/focus- State of the Art and Future development in AM and its Industrialization
    • Conference focusing on three groups of materials: Metals, Composites and Polymers
    • Allow a slot, at the end or beginning of the day, for presentation on Standardization activities in AM – to appeal to a more industrial audience
    • Case studies from industry and call for abstracts for these case studies

    Conference Mission Statement:

    • Our mission - spread technology innovation To give participants a compelling experience.
    • Empower professionals with technology innovation by sharing and discussing technical advancements in AM.
    • To guide companies in the transition from the present to the future.

    We are looking for volunteers to serve in the initial core group to plan this conference as well as conference chair/co-chair and track organizers. If you are interested, please contact Barbara Zlatnik (