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Manufacturing Engineering Division (MED) is concerned with the knowledge base of manufacturing sciences and technology and its applications for improved production performance.

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pdf MSEC202-NARC48-NSF-Student Travel Award MSEC2020_NAMRC48_NSF_Student_Travel_Award_Flyer.pdf Public Download
pdf MED Fall 2019 Newsletter 2019_Fall_MED.pdf Public Download
pdf 2016 William T. Ennor Manufacturing Technology Award 2016-William-T.-Ennor-Manufacturing-Technology-Award.pdf Public Download
pdf 2016 Milton C. Shaw Manufacturing Research Medal 2016-Milton-C.-Shaw-Manufacturing-Research-Medal.pdf Public Download
pdf 2016 M. Eugene Merchant Manufacturing Award 2016-M.-Eugene-Merchant-Manufacturing-Medal.pdf Public Download
pdf 2016 Chao & Trigger Young Manufacturing Award 2016-Chao-Trigger-Young-Manufacturing-Engineer.pdf Public Download
pdf Newsletter_2015Fall 2015_Fall_MED_Newsletter_D.pdf Public Download
pdf Position-Penn State Industrial Manufacturing Head Penn State Industrial and Manufacturing Dept. Head Position.pdf Public Download
pdf KSU - Faculty Position2 Job Ad-advanced manufacturing-VAP.pdf Public Download
pdf KSU - Faculty Position1 Job Ad-advanced manufacturing-TT.pdf Public Download
pdf Newsletter_2014Fall 2014_Fall_MED_Newsletter_F.pdf Public Download
pdf ASME MED ROSTER 2014-2015 ASME MED Roster 2014-2015.pdf Public Download
pdf Manufacturing Engineering Division By-Laws MED_By-Laws_10_Oct_2012_CoAF_TCOB111112.pdf Public Download
pdf Manufacturing Engineering Division Duties of Officers Manufacturing-Engineering-Division-Duties-of-Officers.pdf Public Download
doc Manufacturing Engineering Division By-Laws and Operation Guide Manufacturing-Engineering-Division-By-Laws-and-Operation-Guide.doc Public Download
pdf Conference Proposal Guide for Collocated MSEC/NAMRC Conference-Proposal-Guide-for-Collocated-MSEC-NAMRC.pdf Public Download
pdf Collocation of MSEC and NAMRC Collocation-of-MSEC-and-NAMRC.pdf Public Download
doc ASME International Manufacturing Science & Engineering Conference 2013 Symposium Proposal Template ASME-International-Manufacturing-Science-&-Engineering-Conference 2013-Symposium-Proposal-Template.doc Public Download
pdf ASME International Manufacturing Science & Engineering Conference 2013 Call For Symposium ASME-International-Manufacturing-Science-&-Engineering-Conference 2013-Call-For-Symposium.pdf Public Download