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Manufacturing Engineering Division

Manufacturing Engineering Division (MED) is concerned with the knowledge base of manufacturing sciences and technology and its applications for improved production performance.

MED Centennial Anniversary

The Manufacturing Engineering Division celebrates 100 years in 2020. A number of commemorative activities are planned, including a special anniversary publication, a series of articles in ASME's Mechanical Engineering Magazine, special events at the Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference in 2021 (Virtual, Hosted by the University of Cincinnati). Additional information about the conference and the Centennial is available! 

Celebration Activities in-the-works:

(1) Historical perspective

(2) Forward looking of manufacturing impact to the society

Programming for virtual conferences (such as IMECE 2020, MSEC 2021, etc.) with manufacturing-theme activities including keynotes and technical content (panels/presentations), such as:

(3) Engaging the manufacturing engineering community

  • Festivities – MED reception – historical sharing & cake at MSEC in 2021!
  • Hands-on student activities during virtual conferences (MSEC 2021, IDETC/CIE 2020 and/or IMECE2020)
  • 2020 Student Virtual Hackathons (IDETC-CIE - August 2020 and IMECE - November 2020)
  • Scavenger hunt – MSEC 2021

Mechanical Engineer Magazine: MED Centennial - Celebrating the Influence of MED on ____ article series

August: Laine Mears - The Influence of the MED on Industry 4.0

September: Jian Cao - The Influence of the MED on Micro-Nano Manufacturing

October/November: John Sutherland - The Influence of MED on Environmental Sustainability

December/January: Mike Molnar - The Impact of the MED on Manufacturing USA

February/March: Scott Smith - The Influence of the MED on the Future of Manufacturing Engineering

MED continues seeking sponsors that would like to support these activities and be recognized as one of the supporters of the Division and the value and importance of manufacturing.

Read a letter of invitation to sponsor. Learn more about the sponsorship opportunities.




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