Official ASME Group

Manufacturing Engineering Division

Manufacturing Engineering Division (MED) is concerned with the knowledge base of manufacturing sciences and technology and its applications for improved production performance.

Honors & Awards

Recognition of outstanding achievement in engineering is one of the major objectives of ASME International. Through its programs of honors and awards, ASME recognizes outstanding contributions to the art and science of engineering. These programs provide the opportunity for personalized presentations to honor recipients which dramatize to the public the achievements of the engineers, and they identify ASME with excellence in engineering.

Society Level Awards

Division Level Awards

Nominations link for processing division awards: Unit Awards

For all Division Award requests please contact the Division staff administrator.

Important Award Information for Award Recipients

Honorariums cannot be distributed without receipt of a W-9 Tax Form. Please complete the form and return it to ASME:

Attn: Robert Powers
Administrator, Technical Units
Fax: 212-591-7671
Phone: 212-591-8351

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