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Manufacturing Engineering Division (MED) is concerned with the knowledge base of manufacturing sciences and technology and its applications for improved production performance.

Student Activities

2020 Student Hackathons

There is a unique virtual opportunity for students and we’d like professors to share this news with their students. The 2020 ASME CIE Hackathon is occurring just ahead of the virtual IMECE. The Hackathon, set for November 14-15, is a sponsored project of the Technical and Engineering Communities Sector, supported by the ASME Computers and Information in Engineering Division and endorsed by the Manufacturing Engineering Division.

Registration is now open and the fee is just $25. The deadline to sign up is November 10, 2020. Students that would like to compete can sign up and learn more here:

There are prizes for winning teams that present the best solutions to two problems. The theme of the ASME CIE Hackathon is “Identifying, Extracting and Analyzing Value from Large Unstructured Data Sets in Mechanical Engineering”. The ASME-CIE Hackathon attempts to provide an open mechanism for researchers to explore new statistical and machine-learning techniques appropriate for the use of unstructured text, images, audio etc. in design, manufacturing and systems engineering, and on the other hand, to develop new educational pathways to train the next generation of data-skilled mechanical engineers.

IMECE Hackathon Flyer

There was also a Hackathon conducted in conjunction with IDETC-CIE. 

Design Competitions

If you are a student looking for guidance or advice from a working engineering, get involved in the ASME E-Mentoring program.

Visit the Student Center and Early Career Center for information about other resources and opportunities.

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