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$18,000 in Educational Support Awards

In an effort to stimulate the interest of students in solid waste management and related fields, and to support colleges and universities that offer curriculum or courses in solid waste management and related fields, the ASME Materials & Energy Recovery Division (MER Division) offers the Floyd Hasselriis educational support program with awards totaling $18,000. The educational support award amounts will be divided and shared between the winning student and his or her school.

Application for MER Division Educational Support (PDF: 464KB)


Purpose: To provide financial support for students participating in solid waste management related curriculum or courses at a college/university and for the colleges/universities that offer such curriculum or courses.

Awards: Total awards have been budgeted at $18,000 shared between the students and their respective college/university. The academic institution’s portion of the award will be $1,000 for each recipient. The number of awards will be six; $2,000 to the student and $1,000 to the university.

ASME-MER-Division will provide a complimentary one-year membership in the ASME Materials & Energy Recovery Division to each student submitting a completed application.


● North American (including Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico and Puerto Rico) colleges and universities with environmental programs that include solid waste management, environmental studies and related curriculum or courses.

● Applicant must be a member (or a student member) of ASME, with Materials & Energy Recovery Division as a chosen Technical interest (choice 29 on the membership form). Note: Include ASME membership application (without the membership fee, which will be paid by ASME-MER for the first year) along with the completed Educational Support application.

For Graduate Educational Support: Students having environmental curriculum with solid waste related coursework and entering or currently enrolled in a Graduate School. M.S. candidates who are currently enrolled in the solid waste management related field and plan to continue in the second year of a two-year M.S. program in 2021-2022; M.S. candidates who are currently enrolled in the solid waste management program and who plan to continue on for a Ph.D. in 2021-2022. Their studies must be in the college or university with which the application is jointly submitted.

For Undergraduate Educational Support: Full time undergraduate students who plan to continue their undergraduate studies in the school year 2021-2022. Seniors who expect to graduate after the 2021 fall term are eligible. Enrollment must include solid waste management related course(s). Current studies and studies through 2021 must be in the college or university with which the application is jointly submitted.

● One or more of the following subjects are considered as courses in solid waste management related field: Waste reduction and recycling; waste transportation and management; disposal alternatives and economics; waste-to-energy; thermal and non-thermal technologies for waste disposal; co-disposal of wastes; mathematical modeling; composition analysis and combustion characteristics; environmental impacts and regulatory matters; air pollution control; ash characteristics, stabilization and reuse/management; water usage and its minimization, including wastewater management in solid waste facilities, public policies and education for waste management. (This is not a complete list. A school may suggest other solid waste management related courses in its curriculum).

● Previous student winners of Materials & Energy Recovery Division Educational Support Awards are not eligible.


Application due date: July 15, 2021

Winners selected and notified: August 31, 2021

Awards disbursed on receipt of evidence of the winning student's full-time enrollment in graduate or undergraduate school as appropriate and taking approved courses or engaged in approved research project(s): October 2021

Application: Form provided to be completed jointly by faculty member and student and to include or be accompanied by:

A. From Faculty Member:

● Description of the school's environmental program including solid waste management related curriculum or courses, including Materials and Energy Recovery.

● Identification of undergraduate and graduate courses offered in the program. Include courses, which are related to or include, but are not exclusively devoted to, solid waste management.

● Number of students in the undergraduate and graduate programs by courses or areas of study.

● Future plans for the solid waste management curriculum or courses offered.

● Proposed use of the school's portion of the award money. Please be specific. It is not intended that it be applied to the student's tuition or other personal expenses.

NOTE: Please submit only pertinent information. Submission of school catalog pages, courses descriptions, magazine articles, etc. with much extraneous information only make the judge's task more difficult. Please make your submissions ten pages or less.

B. From Student:

● Statement of intent to pursue a branch of engineering as a career or professional certification sought.

● 1-2 page statement of interest in solid waste management related field including what the applicant envisions as his/her possible role in the field (planning, consulting, design, construction, teaching, research, facility operation or management, regulatory agency, municipal government, etc.).

● Information on any experience in the solid waste management related field. Provide details of current position if employed in solid waste field.

● Copies of any papers the applicant has written on any aspect of solid waste management.

● Information on proposed 2021-2022 studies. At least one course or research project in the fall term must be related to solid waste management.

● Evidence that application has been submitted for admission for 2021-2022.

● List of current courses taken.

● Transcript for previous college years.

● Information on previous degrees.

● Letter of recommendation from faculty advisor or department head.

Judging: By committee appointed by ASME Materials & Energy Recovery Division members.

Basis for award(s): Best qualified and most promising, in the opinion of the judges, based on the application and accompanying submissions. Consideration will be given to the student's statement of interest in solid waste management including energy and/or materials recovery, quality of the school's program, number of students in the program and the school's proposed use of its portion of the award money. The Materials & Energy Recovery Division reserves the right to request additional information from or make further investigation of applicants to be the sole judge of the qualifications of applicants to judge the acceptability of proposed study courses and research projects and to withhold awards if the judges determine there are no sufficient qualified joint applicants.

A recipient may be disqualified for failure to include in his/her 2021-2022 school year program at least one course or research project that, in the opinion of the judges, is related to solid waste management or to enroll in his/her proposed graduate program.

Each qualified recipient will be notified of the award by letter sent certified mail with return receipt requested to the address given in the application and a copy to the facility co-applicant. If a student winner fails to acknowledge and accept the award in writing to the Educational Support chairperson within thirty (30) days after receipt of the letter of notification, his/her award will be forfeited and will be offered to another applicant.

The school will forfeit its portion of the award if the student is disqualified or forfeits the award for any reason other than failure to enroll in the graduate program for the 2021-2022 school year because of physical disability.

For further information or application forms, contact:

Lori Clark

MER Floyd Hasselriis Award Chair


Stony Brook University | 100 Nichols Road | Stony Brook, NY 11794

T. (805) 298-6666

Note: Electronic submission of documents except for the letter of recommendation from faculty, which is to be mailed, is accepted. Attached file size limit is 10 megabytes total.

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