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  • Take Your Member Benefits with you this Summer- Save Up to 25% on Car Rentals

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  • Dilip R. Ballal Early Career Award

    The Dilip R. Ballal Early Career Engineer Award is to recognize the outstanding contributions of an individual for advancing the field of turbomachinery.
    Eligibility and Definition of Early Career
    An early career award is intended for those starting a professional career, which is typically after a relevant terminal degree: BS, MS, or PhD. A criterion of seven-years-from-degree will be used to define the nominee’s eligibility. The nominee must receive the award prior to the completion of the seventh year beyond the terminal degree. This definition removes any constraints due to age and can accommodate career delays due to military service, family commitments, etc. To be eligible for this award, the nominee must be an active member of the ASME.

    Nomination Requirements
    The nomination package (one pdf including all the elements of the nomination) should include the following and be sent to by August 1, 2016:
    a) A paragraph (less than 50 words) from the nominator highlighting nominee’s contributions
    b) Nomination letter
    c) Two supporting letters
    d) Current resume of the nominee
    Selection Criteria
    The selection criteria will include the following: quality and impact of the individual’s technical contributions throughout their career to date; commitment to the broad field of turbomachinery; strength of the support letters; professional skills to communicate technical contributions; and service to the profession.

    Award Description
    The recipient of the ASME-IGTI Early Career Award will be presented with the award at ASME Turbo Expo 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The award will be accompanied with a plaque, funds to support the travel and registration costs to Turbo Expo, free ASME membership registration for five years, and a $2K honorarium.

    Details on other IGTI awards 

    Save the Date
    • ASME Turbo Expo 2017 – June 26-30, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    • ASME Gas Turbine India Conference 2017 – Dec. 7-8, Bangalore, India

  • Increase Your Productivity with AccessEngineering

    ASME has teamed with McGraw-Hill Education to provide AccessEngineering as a free benefit for all Society members. AccessEngineering features more than 600 titles, including such essential handbooks such as Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical EngineersPerry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, the Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers and the Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers, as well as a variety of operations management titles to assist you with your engineering problems, research, and projects. Most titles come embedded with calculator tools, interactive graphs, and downloadable tables. Learn more 
  • Join to Win! New FutureME Engineering Community

    Join the new FutureME Engineering Community for your chance to win an ASME book covering interesting engineering concepts and topics!

    Connect with us to explore what ASME has to offer you to aid in your career development. Some benefits include the opportunity to Connect/Network, Practice and Develop, Learn and Share, Browse the latest news and Contribute and Volunteer and Lead.

    How this will work:
    Joining the FutureME Group is simple.  When you reach the FutureME Group look for the Join Group button   in the header and click to join.
    Four different ASME books will be awarded – one
    book per week.  

    Winners will be randomly selected on a weekly basis 
    between June 1 - July 1, 2016 (Jun 8, 15, 22, 29) by 10:00 AM EDT and their names will be posted on our  FutureME Engineering Community along with the  selected book of the week. Winners will be notified through the FutureME Engineering Community. Winners are only eligible to win one time.
     “Join to Win!” Weekly Schedule:
    Week #1
    June 1 – June 8
    Winner Selected Jun 8, 10AM – Announced by Jun 13
    Week #2
    June 8 – July 15
    Winner Selected Jun 15, 10AM – Announced by Jun 20
    Week #3
    June 15 – June 22
    Winner Selected Jun 22, 10AM – Announced by Jun 27
    Week #4
    June 22 – June 29
    Winner Selected Jun 29, 10AM – Announced by Jul 11
    Don’t have an account?

    If you don’t already have an accountclick here – 

    to create an online ASME Community Profile. Once
    your account has been created you can
    Join to Win.
  • ASME FutureME Program Grant

    Revised Program to support program development for local activities and events

    The recently revamped ASME FutureME Program Grant (formerly known as the Early Career Forums Grant) is providing early career engineers and recent graduates with a whole new spectrum of career development possibilities and opportunities through innovative and leading edge activities and events.

    For years the ASME Early Career Forums offered a venue for early career engineers to network, learn and share experiences and knowledge, and ultimately it served as a source of inspiration for the ECE Programming Committee to explore new concepts and ideas to take this experience to a whole new level, and that’s what led us to develop the ASME FutureME Program Grant. It’s meant to challenge event participants and organizers to explore and propose new models and strategies that aim to advance the state of the art of career development techniques.

    This program is the result of a joint effort between the ECE Programming Committee and the ASME Old Guard Committee. Thanks to this partnership ASME has been able to offer throughout the years a solid and effective platform that provides the planning expertise and guidance, and the financial support necessary to ASME units for the development and organization of activities and programs dedicated to aid the transition from university to professional life.

    One of the main goals of the ECE Programming Committee is to pursue the new ASME FutureME Program Grant model to re-innovate and expand its outreach, by offering a more diversified palette of products and opportunities for a larger audience with different interests and styles but with career goals and needs in common. The ASME FutureME Program Grant marks the evolution from a conference like only model to one that allows the activity organizers to work together with the FutureME Program Grant team and propose and develop the programs that best suit the needs and interests of its customer, the possibilities are vast.

    The organizers of an Early Career event held in Venezuela (the first to be hosted outside the US) said, “this event opened our eyes and helped us and the participants gain a new perspective about the real engineering world, something that we don’t get to experience very often as in the early stages of our careers, events like these are necessary to create awareness about career development resources and hints for success”.

    Alberto Mazzoleni, organizer of the first European Early Career Forum in Brescia, Italy expressed, “The ECF preparation was first of all a big challenge for the organizing committee members, getting in contact with the different experts and professionals from different domains that we invited as speakers, and get their support and ideas for the event, was something we had never done before. The event was then a great networking moment for all the participants. At that time different visions are put face to face. Young people had the opportunity to taste what it’s like to be a professional engineer and experienced people from industry and academia could better understand the needs and fears of young engineers.”

    How to Apply

    ASME Units interested in applying to the ASME FutureME Program Grant can submit their event proposals year round through the ASME GPS Requisition Tool. The Grant provides up to USD $1,500 for each approved event or activity with the opportunity to get an additional $500 if video or written content of the approved FutureME Program is provided.

    Checkout how your ASME unit can apply today!

    Author: Andres RONDON, Laboratoire d'Imagerie Biomédicale (LIB), UPMC Sorbonne Universités Paris, France

  • Design of Human-Powered Vehicles (2016)

    Design of Human-Powered Vehicles (2016)
    by C. Mark Archibald

    This book is about the design of vehicles with wheels that are powered by human muscles alone. These can provide affordable, sustainable, and healthy transportation to people around the globe.  

    The author served as a judge and chair of the ASME-HPVC (Human-Powered Vehicle Challenge) Committee for many years, and his new book will give you insights into the design and use of these man-powered vehicles.

    Download sample pages below:

  • FutureME Mini-Talks & Social Meetup @P&E/ICONE

    held at the Power & Energy /ICONE Conferences
    Monday, June 27, 2016
    , Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC,

    FutureME Mini-Talks Program Details

    Presented by the ASME ECE Programming Committee
    Join the ECE Programming Committee for a 2-hour social experience! You will have the opportunity to hear four short, relevant, and inspirational Mini-Talks given in an informal setting by experienced early career engineers sharing their perspective on career development. Advance registration will be required.

    In addition to the mini-talks, you can meet up with other mechanical engineers that have similar interests, to network professionally, and make new connections with ASME leadership and/or renew past friendships. 
    Bring plenty of business cards for networking! Ice cream will be served!

    Program Moderator

    Eduardo Jose Barrientos, Ph.D., Senior Technology Systems Engineer, General Motors Powertrain - Europe

    FutureME Mini-Talks Presenters

    Defining Disrupting and Changing Technologies through Codes and Standards 
    Dan Comperchio, P.E., Senior Engineer, Willdan Energy Solutions

    Making a Gigaton of Difference 
    Marta C. Hatzell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Taking Ownership as a New Engineer 
    Jeffrey Gibson, PH.D. Combustion Heat Transfer Designer, Siemens Energy

    Incentives to Pursuing a Career in the Public Sector
    Jovica R. Riznic, Ph.D., P.E., FASME, Technical Specialist, CNSC 

    Event Highlights
    • Opportunity to get connected with fellow early career engineers
    • Mini-Talks covering diverse topics relevant for early career engineer career development
    • Ice Cream will be served to create an informal setting for networking

    Learn more about the 2016 Power & Energy/ICONE conferences and don’t miss this unique Social Experience!,

  • COMMERCIALIZE emerging technologies.CREATE global solutions.TRANSFORM lives.


    The transfer of technology from the research lab to the marketplace can be a daunting process. But, it doesn’t need to be. Now in its 21st year, The Commercialization of Micro, Nano, and Emerging Technologies Conference (COMS) is a hands-on, practical meeting to assist you in bringing your research to market, finding new customers and networking with investors, suppliers and other entrepreneurs.
    You need to be at COMS 2016 to:

    ·       Pitch your idea to a panel of experts: Submit your pitch proposal by June 27 for the COMS Young Technology Award Contest and Boot Camp.

    The top entry will receive the Young Technology Award Jury Prize of $5,000. Runners-up will receive $500 prizes.

    ·       Gain insight on how to bring your products to market, find new customers, or the perfect development partner. Check out the latest program updates.

    ·       Learn from leading entrepreneurs in the field who will present case studies, offer guidance, and discuss the latest trends: View the latest speakers in the COMS 2016 program.

    ·       Present your work to an audience of leaders in business and technology in the Poster Competition. Poster abstracts are due June 27.

    ·       Meet with researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors from every sector in an atmosphere designed for business development.


    More About COMS
    COMS 2016 is a joint conference between ASME and MANCEF designed to bring the latest information on micro and nanotechnology transfer, manufacturing processes, facilities, infrastructure, investment, applications and markets. Regulatory issues, social implications, education and workforce development also will be covered.
    Visit for more updates and information.
  • Women in Engineering Lunch at Power & Energy/ICONE

  • I-MECE, U-MECE, We All-MECE in Phoenix

    We’re upping our game as we start planning for ASME’s 2016 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE), November 11 – 17 in Phoenix. This year, we’re expanding our program designed for early career engineers to guarantee you get the most out of your IMECE experience.
    Hone Those Career Development Skills
    The ASME FutureME Mini-Talks, scheduled at IMECE on Sunday, November 13, offer speakers and attendees an excellent opportunity for career development and networking, as well as the perfect venue for first-time speakers to hone their presentation skills and gain visibility within the profession. Check out previous Mini-Talks on YouTube.
    Gain Career Advice from Experienced Experts
    We know that truly helpful career advice, such as how to find a new job in a tumultuous economy or how to best leverage skills in different industries, isn’t always discussed. At IMECE, we’re hosting a career workshop designed to address these topics head on and leave you with tangible recommendations to keep your career moving forward.
    Present Your Work and Compete for Prizes
    As micro- and nano-scale phenomena and processes are widely explored across many engineering disciplines, the Society-Wide Micro and Nanotechnology Forum is an opportunity for you to present your research to thousands of IMECE attendees from academia and industry.

    Submit your abstract for poster presentation by visiting Track 20 (Virtual Podium) by July 15, 2016.
    Visit for more information and program updates.
  • MTConnect Student Challenge

    The MTConnect Student Challenge is an innovation competition that seeks student-created ideas and applications utilizing the MTConnect Standard.

    Learn more

    ATTENTION: U.S. Undergraduate & Graduate College Students

    Win Cash for Developing a Digital Manufacturing App
    The manufacturing industry is in need of innovative and deployable applications to harness and leverage the data in manufacturing environments using the MTConnect® Standard—an open, royalty-free communications protocol.
    Extended Deadline: July 15, 2016 

    The MTConnect Student Challenge is sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Defense-wide Manufacturing Science and Technology (DMS&T) in partnership with the Departmentof Defense and in conjunction with U.S. Army ARDEC - Benét Labs, the National Center for Defense Manufacturing & Machining (NCDMM), and MTConnect Institute.
  • Engineering For Change: Sharing Solutions from Around the World

    Engineering for Change is a knowledge sharing platform curating news, solutions, and professional development resources for a community of engineers, practitioners, and anyone dedicated to improving the quality of life in underserved communities around the world. 

    Checkout the following Engineering For Change articles that may interest you... and join the community.

    For protection from China's pollution, fund affordable air filter design 

    There is little creativity in air filter design. Commercial products are costly and do-it-yourself options are unattractive. This is a market opportunity.

    Read article


    Coming soon in Nicaragua: A solar mobile dental clinic 

    An ASU team designed an ADA-compliant, four-chair mobile dental clinic with power and water supplies to serve impoverished communities in Central America.

    Read article


    A teenage inventor upgrades emergency rescue technology

    The young inventor Alexis Lewis made a bamboo travois for emergencies in developing countries and a device to save people in fires.

    Read article

  • Job Application Advice

    Reprinted with permission from, © Adicio Inc.  All rights reserved.

    More of the Millennial generation is college-educated, thus the basement standard for most jobs has risen accordingly. Pay in entry-level jobs is also an issue due to student loan and other forms of debt Millennials accrue trying to stay ahead of the masses. 

    Knowing how and when to apply for a job is just as important as find an opening. Failure to follow a basic blueprint when applying will leave you spinning your wheels. 

    Spotlight Relevant Experience

    You have held a variety of part-time and odd jobs, but you do not need to include every single position in your resume.

    Hirers are often flooded with applications, thus their resources are finite. Keep it concise by emphasizing only the positions with relevance to the job for which you are applying. 

    It does not need to be in the same field, so long as the skills applied or learned are applicable to the position you hope to obtain. 

    Lead with Leadership 

    Steven Rothberg, president and founder of, says the one thing that stands out on an early-career resume above all else is a leadership role. 

    If you have experience leading in some capacity, make sure to lead your resume or cover letter with it. This can include heading a volunteer group or even something as simple as spearheading a major class project. 

    Leadership is not necessarily a learned job trait, so a demonstrated willingness to take charge is attractive to employers. 

    Don't Apply Just to Apply 

    Getting stuck in a career rut happens, either due to unhappiness with your current job or unemployment. Don't let your workplace rut bleed into your application process.

    Blanketing prospective employers with resumes may seem like a good idea -- the more lures in the water the more potential for bites, after all -- but if you're applying for dozens of jobs, the odds you are tailoring your resume and cover letter to fit the specific opening aren't good. 

    Submitting a bland cover letter for an opening you may have only minimal interest in is one thing, but you want to take time to craft a standout resume and cover letter for the job you truly want. 

    Moreover, applying for a job that isn't really of interest to you isn't just wasting your time: It's also wasting the employers.

  • Unwritten Laws of Ethics and Change in Engineering (2015)

    Based on two popular ASME online self-study courses this 103 page book covers Ethics For Engineers:Doing the Right Thing When No One is Looking, and Changing Organizational Culture. Practical case studies and real-world examples are included.

    Order this new book today! 

  • New Engineering Coffee-Table Style Book Released

    As a companion book to the permanent exhibit of the same name at ASME’s new headquarters, Engineering the Everyday and the Extraordinary celebrates engineering achievements and their impact on everyday life. The exhibit is made up of 80 rotatable triangular modules, each one telling an engineering story with a brief overview, a strong central image and a patent drawing or illustration, covering nine major domains of engineering. Checkout the sample pages