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  • Experience E-Fests

    Experience E-Fests - THE place to party like an Engineer

    Be part of an immersive, electric experience that will expand your knowledge, enhance your skillset and inspire you to be a change-maker of the future.

    What are ASME E-Fests (Engineering Festivals)?
    Three-day, two-night regional events taking place around the world that were built around design, advanced manufacturing and robotics technologies. From hands-on ASME competitions (including the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge, Student Design Competition, Innovative Additive Manufacturing Competition and Old Guard Competition), hackathons, fire-side chats with practicing engineers to social activities and entertainment - E-Fests have it all. 

  • New Web-Based Feature on AccessEngineering: DataVis

    NEW! AccessEngineering’s DataVis is a web-based, interactive data visualization tool that instantly displays property data across a wide range of materials. The carefully curated dataset of 200 materials and 65 properties—including cost—provides users with enough data to understand fundamental material properties without overwhelming them.

    DataVis allows users to compare the range of each property within material classifications as well as across classifications. Engineers and students often struggle to apply formulas without fully understanding the concepts behind them, or why certain material properties have the values they do.

    DataVis bridges this gap by presenting materials property data in dynamic visualizations that enable students, faculty, and engineers to tell a story with the data.

    Enter AccessEngineering and start using DataVis today! 

  • Open Call for 2017-18 ECLIPSE Internship Program Applications

    The Volunteer Orientation Leadership Training (VOLT) Academy is pleased to announce that applications for the 2017-18 ECLIPSE Internship Program are now being accepted.
    ASME created the Early Career Leadership Intern Program to Serve Engineers (ECLIPSE) to give early career engineers an opportunity to further their professional and volunteer development. ECLIPSE interns are placed in highly visible and productive roles in a range of areas of the Society. The program enables interns to network and learn from the industry leaders who volunteer throughout ASME. Interns also receive funding for travel to select conferences mandated by the program and participate in leadership workshops and training.
    During the ECLIPSE program, interns are assigned a coach and exposed to the senior leadership of this international organization. This is a unique opportunity for early career engineers who would like to advance within their profession and within ASME.
    If you are interested in applying for the ECLIPSE Intern Program, please complete an application and learn more about this opportunity.

    All 2017-18 ECLIPSE applications are by Tuesday, January 3, 2017. 
  • Get Involved in the ASME 2017 Turbo Expo Conference

    The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) is a group of students who work to foster student engagement in the IGTI community and improve the Turbo Expo conference every year. Towards this goal, the SAC organizes various sessions and events during the conference, provides opportunities for students to work behind the scenes with leaders in their technical area, and awards travel funds to eligible degree seeking individuals.


    SAC Committee Members:
    Chair: Jacob Snyder, Penn State University
    Vice Chair: Zhiping Mao, Duke University
    Secretary: Michelle Wood, University of Houston
    Past-Chair: Kathryn Kirsch, Penn State University


    Contact Us
    Contact the Student Advisory Committee or join our ASME Community.

    Student Poster Session

    One major event organized by the SAC is the Student Poster Competition. Presenting a poster is an excellent opportunity to display research outside of a paper while still contributing to the continuing advancements in the turbomachinery community.  To be eligible to present a poster, the presenting author must have completed the research presented on the poster while seeking a degree at a university at an undergraduate (Bachelor's) or graduate level (Master's or PhD).  Submit your research and contribute to the continuing conversation on advancements in gas and wind turbine technology. Abstracts are due December 31, 2016 to the webtool located on the TE 2017 website.

    Student Poster Deadlines

    • Submission of Poster Abstract for Review
      December 31, 2016
    • Notification of Poster Abstract Acceptance
      January 9, 2017
    • Submission of Poster Draft for Review
      March 30, 2017
    • Author Notification of Acceptance of Revised Poster
      May 8, 2017

    ASME 2016 Turbo Expo Student Poster Competition Winners

    SAC Sessions at Turbo Expo

    The sessions organized by the SAC during the technical conference are focused on professional development and are open to all conference attendees. In previous years, the SAC has curated panel sessions led by community leaders on Turbomachinery Careers and Networking, as well as tutorial sessions titled "Effective Technical Presentations", and "The Art of the Peer Review Process." Details on SAC sponsored sessions for TE 2017 will be available in the advance program published online prior to the conference. Suggestions for Tutorial or Panel Session topics can be emailed to the SAC.

    The SAC is also involved in the planning of student-specific events during the conference, such as the Student and Early Career Engineer Mixer. This popular event allows students and make new friends and build their professional network in a casual evening atmosphere.

    SACTA Deadlines

    • Student Advisory Committee Travel Award (SACTA) Applications Due March 1, 2017
    • Technical Committee Student Liaison Subcommittee Applications Due March 1, 2017
    • Notification of SACTA Awardees March 30, 2017
    • Notification of Technical Committee Student Liaison Positions March 31, 2017
    • Student Advisory Committee Executive Committee Position Applications Due May 23, 2017


    ASME 2016 Turbo Expo SACTA Winners

    Get Involved

    An important part of the SAC is its subcommittee of student liaisons to the IGTI technical committees. Liaisons participate in the events held by their technical committees and help plan their committees' Turbo Expo events. Becoming a student liaison is an excellent opportunity for professional development and a great way to introduce yourself to your technical committee. Student liaison applicants are invited to apply for the SAC Travel Award--priority for the Travel Award will go to student liaisons to the technical committees.

    ASME 2016 Young Engineer Turbo Expo Participant Award (YETEP) Winners

    FutureME Mini-Talks at Power Energy/Turbo Expo

    Join the ASME ECE Programming Committee for this social experience! You will have the opportunity to hear four short, relevant, and inspirational Mini-Talks given in an informal setting by experienced engineers sharing their perspective on career development.

    In addition to the Mini-Talks, you can meet up with other mechanical engineers who have similar interests to network professionally, and make new connections with ASME leadership and/or renew past friendships. Bring plenty of business cards for networking!

    Get Involved in the following ways:


  • Student Honors & Awards: Call for Nominations

    Do you know an undergraduate student who excels at leadership and service qualities?  Are you an undergraduate student who excels at leadership and service qualities?  If the answer is yes to either question, then nominate them or yourself for the Charles T Main Award. In order to nominate an undergraduate student for the Charles T Main Award you need to read the qualifications.

     The nomination deadline is March 1, 2017

    Do you have an Outstanding Student Section Advisor?  Do you know of an Outstanding Student Section Advisor?  If you do, then nominate them for the Outstanding Student Section Advisor Award.In order to nominate a Student Section Advisor you need to read qualifications.

     The nomination deadline is March 1, 2017

    Do you like to write?  Does the idea of writing a paper exploring a relevant topic excite you?  The topic will be announced soon but in the interim, learn more about the Arthur L. Williston Award.  

  • Old Guard Early Award: Call for Nominations!

    Old Guard Early Award 
    Deadline: February 1, 2017

    Be a Nominator/Find a Nominator!

    The Call for the Old Guard Early Career Award nominations are underway.

    Eligible nominees must be a current ASME member and have earned a baccalaureate degree in Mechanical Engineering between years February 1, 2009 - February 1, 2013.

    A $5000 honorarium will be awarded to the grand prize recipient including ASME Membership dues paid for life (valued at $3000). In addition, a $2000 honorarium will be awarded to the two (2) runner-up recipients along with a paid ASME membership dues for life. All recipients will receive a plaque.

    Don't miss this opportunity to recognize an outstanding early career engineer who is actively involved in their profession, community, and the work of ASME! 

    Learn more about this award and how to nominate 

    All nominations must be received by
    Wednesday, February 1, 2017

    Find a Nominator: For those of you that may be eligible for this award, forward this opportunity to a fellow ASME colleague/mentor to consider nominating you!

  • New eBooks on The ASME Digital Collection

    New eBooks on The ASME Digital Collection
    co-published with Wiley

    20% Discount are available for ASME members on any Wiley book. Use code ASM3.

    Introduction to Dynamics and Control in Mechanical Engineering Systems

    An introductory textbook covering dynamics and controls of engineering systems, with particular focus on mechanical engineering systems. Presents and illustrates the process of translating systems in the physical world to mathematical models in the conceptual world during the derivations of equations of motion

    Fundamentals of Mechanical Vibrations
    co-published with Wiley

    This introductory book covers the most fundamental aspects of linear vibration analysis for mechanical engineering students and engineers. Consisting of five major topics, each has its own chapter and is aligned with five major objectives of the book. It starts from a concise, rigorous and yet accessible introduction to Lagrangian dynamics as a tool for obtaining the governing equation(s) for a system, the starting point of vibration analysis.

  • Take Your Member Benefits with you this Summer- Save Up to 25% on Car Rentals

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  • Increase Your Productivity with AccessEngineering

    ASME has teamed with McGraw-Hill Education to provide AccessEngineering as a free benefit for all Society members. AccessEngineering features more than 600 titles, including such essential handbooks such as Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical EngineersPerry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, the Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers and the Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers, as well as a variety of operations management titles to assist you with your engineering problems, research, and projects. Most titles come embedded with calculator tools, interactive graphs, and downloadable tables. Learn more 
  • ASME FutureME Program Grant

    Revised Program to support program development for local activities and events

    The recently revamped ASME FutureME Program Grant (formerly known as the Early Career Forums Grant) is providing early career engineers and recent graduates with a whole new spectrum of career development possibilities and opportunities through innovative and leading edge activities and events.

    For years the ASME Early Career Forums offered a venue for early career engineers to network, learn and share experiences and knowledge, and ultimately it served as a source of inspiration for the ECE Programming Committee to explore new concepts and ideas to take this experience to a whole new level, and that’s what led us to develop the ASME FutureME Program Grant. It’s meant to challenge event participants and organizers to explore and propose new models and strategies that aim to advance the state of the art of career development techniques.

    This program is the result of a joint effort between the ECE Programming Committee and the ASME Old Guard Committee. Thanks to this partnership ASME has been able to offer throughout the years a solid and effective platform that provides the planning expertise and guidance, and the financial support necessary to ASME units for the development and organization of activities and programs dedicated to aid the transition from university to professional life.

    One of the main goals of the ECE Programming Committee is to pursue the new ASME FutureME Program Grant model to re-innovate and expand its outreach, by offering a more diversified palette of products and opportunities for a larger audience with different interests and styles but with career goals and needs in common. The ASME FutureME Program Grant marks the evolution from a conference like only model to one that allows the activity organizers to work together with the FutureME Program Grant team and propose and develop the programs that best suit the needs and interests of its customer, the possibilities are vast.

    The organizers of an Early Career event held in Venezuela (the first to be hosted outside the US) said, “this event opened our eyes and helped us and the participants gain a new perspective about the real engineering world, something that we don’t get to experience very often as in the early stages of our careers, events like these are necessary to create awareness about career development resources and hints for success”.

    Alberto Mazzoleni, organizer of the first European Early Career Forum in Brescia, Italy expressed, “The ECF preparation was first of all a big challenge for the organizing committee members, getting in contact with the different experts and professionals from different domains that we invited as speakers, and get their support and ideas for the event, was something we had never done before. The event was then a great networking moment for all the participants. At that time different visions are put face to face. Young people had the opportunity to taste what it’s like to be a professional engineer and experienced people from industry and academia could better understand the needs and fears of young engineers.”

    How to Apply

    ASME Units interested in applying to the ASME FutureME Program Grant can submit their event proposals year round through the ASME GPS Requisition Tool. The Grant provides up to USD $1,500 for each approved event or activity with the opportunity to get an additional $500 if video or written content of the approved FutureME Program is provided.

    Checkout how your ASME unit can apply today!

    Author: Andres RONDON, Laboratoire d'Imagerie Biomédicale (LIB), UPMC Sorbonne Universités Paris, France

  • Design of Human-Powered Vehicles (2016)

    Design of Human-Powered Vehicles (2016)
    by C. Mark Archibald

    This book is about the design of vehicles with wheels that are powered by human muscles alone. These can provide affordable, sustainable, and healthy transportation to people around the globe.  

    The author served as a judge and chair of the ASME-HPVC (Human-Powered Vehicle Challenge) Committee for many years, and his new book will give you insights into the design and use of these man-powered vehicles.

    Download sample pages below: