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News & Updates

  • New Engineering Coffee-Table Style Book Released

    As a companion book to the permanent exhibit of the same name at ASME’s new headquarters, Engineering the Everyday and the Extraordinary celebrates engineering achievements and their impact on everyday life. The exhibit is made up of 80 rotatable triangular modules, each one telling an engineering story with a brief overview, a strong central image and a patent drawing or illustration, covering nine major domains of engineering. Checkout the sample pages

  • Early Career Engineers @ #IMECE2015

     “Dozens of hot topics.” “Lots of new ideas.” “One great learning experience.” That’s what participants say is the best part of attending ASME’s International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE). This year, we will gather November 13 – 19 in Houston, and discuss advances in the field as well as honor historic moments in mechanical engineering.
    For more than 100 years, IMECE has played a significant role in stimulating innovation—across 20+ mechanical engineering disciplines—from basic discovery to translational application. This innovation goes back to the early 1900s, when Willis Carrier presented his paper at the meeting we now know as IMECE on what many scientists consider to be the most significant document on air conditioning. Carrier's invention transformed quality of life around the world and continues to impact how we work today.
    Carrier’s air conditioning paper is just one example of the innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration IMECE is known for. Join the best-of-the-best innovators in mechanical engineering in Houston this November and create history with us.
    You Can Be Part of the Buzz
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    Visit www.asmeconferences.org/IMECE2015 for more information and program updates.
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  • Speaking Opportunity for Early Career Engineers!

  • ASME WorksmartSM----An Enhanced Data Search

    The ASME WorksmartSM online reference tool is where Members go to find answers they need and data they can trust. It provides the critical analytical & search tools necessary to make knowledge discoverable and actionable so that mechanical engineers can find the trusted answers that allow them to innovate and problem solve. ASME WorkSmart now gives Members access to Engineering Intelligence on Demand!
    New! An enhanced Data Search now delivers greater precision for Material Property searches.  

    Try it today!
  • Advanced Manufacturing to be the Focus of Conferences

    Over the past several years, ASME has developed a number of initiatives promoting advanced manufacturing, including the Advanced Design and Manufacturing Impact Forum program conducted in in Buffalo, N.Y., and the recent Advanced Manufacturing Fellowship at America Makes. This year, the Society continues this commitment by offering two conferences on the subject: the Additive Manufacturing + 3D Printing–India Conference & Exposition, to be held in April in India, and the North American Additive Manufacturing + 3D Printing (AM3D) Conference and Exposition in Boston this August.

  • #thisishardware $500k in prizes. 30 Finalists. 3 Countries. One AMAZING opportunity

    ISHOW: A global competition for hardware led social innovation -The ASME Innovation Showcaseis now accepting applications – the competition is open to any individual or organization that is taking a “hardware led social innovation” to market. Applicants must have a prototype and have conducted some initial user outreach/ testing. Winners will receive a share of $500K in prizes and access to a design & engineering review delivered by industry experts. Applications are open globally and in-person showcase events will take place in India (April), USA (May) and Kenya (June).  

  • ASME 2015 Verification and Validation Symposium

     Attend the symposium (May 13-15, 2015) dedicated entirely to the emerging field of verification, validation, and uncertainty quantification of computational modeling and simulations. Now in its fourth year, this unique event brings together engineers and scientists from a wide-variety of disciplines and industries to exchange ideas and methods for verification of codes and solutions, simulation validation, and assessment of uncertainties in mathematical models, computational solutions, and experimental data.  
  • Engineers Helping Students – ASME Auxiliary Loans

     College is expensive, and the costs seem to keep going up. Students are exploring more and more ways to fund these ballooning costs for their higher education.

    The ASME Auxiliary’s objective is to provide educational funds in the form of scholarships and/or loans to deserving students seeking a career in Mechanical Engineering. These Funds are available for undergraduate and graduate studies.
    The ASME Auxiliary Student Loan Fund has helped hundreds of  ASME Undergraduate and Graduate student members with very low interest student loans. The fund is sustained by student members repaying the loans after they've graduated-so it is truly engineers helping student members-members helping members. Qualified full-time graduate and undergraduate students in the United States may borrow up to a total of $5,000.

    Please review the application guidelines. You'll find the process quite simple and in recent years, over 90% of the applications have been approved.
    Don’t delay, let us help you reach your goal to graduate as a Mechanical Engineer.

    Go to the ASME Auxiliary Loans page to complete your application today. 
  • ASME Membership Certificate

    You deserve a framed ASME Membership Certificate.  Treat yourself to one today.   An ASME Membership Certificate lets others know you are a member of the most respected professional mechanical engineering organization in the world! Available in three styles, certificates are perfect for display in your office or home. Learn more and order your certificate now: http://go.asme.org/MembershipCertificate

  • Watch On-Demand: The Engineering for Global Development Impact Forum

    Emerging markets are thought to be the engines of global economic development for the next 20 years. Given the rapid rate at which these economies are projected to grow and the compelling social/ economic/environmental challenges they face, research in engineering design is in high demand, providing a basis for new technologies and solutions to meet the needs of consumers throughout the entire economic pyramid.

    This forum highlights cutting-edge engineering research and design initiatives for emerging markets and the critical role advanced manufacturing plays in bringing these technologies to market. Speakers discuss the creation, modeling and validation of design for developing countries that help ensure access to energy, clean water, effective sanitation and healthcare.

    Learn more about this Forum and its' Presenters/Topics by clicking below:
  • ASME Mentoring Program

    Get valuable career advice from a mechanical engineering professional!

    The ASME Mentoring Program is designed to provide rewarding experiences that both mentor and mentee can learn and grow from. This is a unique opportunity for you to get career-guiding and other advice from  an engineering professional with broader experience or more advanced skills. Benefit and learn from your  Mentor’s real-life expertise, while ;sharing your own valuable insight and perspective! 

    Participating in the program is easy with our Web-based platform, made available through a partnership with WisdomShare™.Our targeted matching system will pair you based on your personal preferences with a Mentor who can provide anything from general advice to a fresh point-of-view. Someone who can help identify the right training or niche in mechanical engineering, or even assist with finding a non-traditional career path.

    The valuable insight you can gain by participating in the ASME Mentoring program can have a positive impact on your career and your life for years to come!

    If you are ready for a most rewarding experience, please go to: go.asme.org/mentoring to become an ASME Mentor or Mentee.