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Mr Roy Robinson

CEO - Excipio Energy, Inc.

I am an offshore development project specialist with broad knowledge of the technical and commercial aspects. Have held leading roles in many areas including evaluation, contracting, management, and engineering.


Excipio Energy Inc., February 2016 to Present, Houston, Texas United States
(Renewable Energy)
As CEO of Excipio Energy created a unique vision of what an offshore renewable company should be. Unlike the majority of offshore renewable companies who are focused on a single technology, Excipio is focused on integrating Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, Subsea current power, wave energy generation, wind, and solar into a single coherent floating system. Excipio is what the future of offshore renewables will look like. I am a contributor to the IEC Marine Hydro-Kinetic international standards (TC114), and the AWEA Offshore Wind Technical Advisory Panel Floating Wind standards working group.

Senior Purchasing Manager  
Repsol, October 2014 to January 2016, Houston, Texas United States
Lead renegotiation of Cardon IV (Venezuela) Installation Contract on behalf of Repsol, resulting in the removal of the original contractor and successful replacement with a superior alternative. Continued to provide input into the Repsol Category Management System. As the offshore development SME assisted in reviews of Pao de Asucar project in Brazil, and the Repsol Teak-Samman-Puoi pipeline inspection in Trinidad. As part of the Trinidad support participated in efforts to inspect the two main export pipelines (16 and 18 inch), neither of which can support intelligent pigging. When no tools was found proposed development of the Subsea Pipeline Integrity Remote Inspection Tool (SPIRIT). The proposal was not pursued after my departure from Repsol.

Global Contracts and Purchasing Manager  
Repsol, January 2013 to October 2014, Madrid Spain
Coordination of upstream development, production, and non-operated project contracts and purchasing activities for Repsol Exploration. Led an initiative to create a unified contract format for E&P contracts, including standardizing common procedures and specifications across the company. Due to the high cost of offshore drilling proposed a new type of offshore drilling platform to Repsol Exploration, which was approved in concept by Repsol Upstream but no funds were allocated to develop the idea.

Project Manager  
Repsol, July 2008 to December 2012

Responsible for all aspects of $350 million project starting from FEED engineering to commissioning. The project was carried out without any injuries (more than one million man-hours). Despite a 12-month permit delay and ultimately a fast track installation, the project was successfully commissioned in October of 2012. The team was directly responsible for savings to the company of approximately $20 million over the course of the project. Main Contractors were Technip, Aker, Framo (now Onesubsea), Initec (Tecnicas Reunidas), and CARLAB (port of Tarragona, Spain). Led the information management initiative, authoring document management procedures, culminating in a successful proof of concept integrated test. System was based on EMC Documentum. Kept the project on schedule by personally designing, having locally fabricated, and certifying a replacement UTH installation tool (BOB) all in 24 hours. Details available on request.

Project Engineer  
Repsol YPF, October 2004 to July 2008

Project Lead for Gulf of San Jorge, Argentina exploration project

Pipeline Consultant through JPK  
Petrobras, January 1995 to January 1997

Pipeline design and studies for Campos Basin Fiber Optic Cable Installation procedures Deepwater Pipeline Repair Study

Pipeline Engineer  
JP Kenny, January 1990 to January 2004

Engineering of large diameter offshore deepwater pipelines Cathodic Protection Route and Site Surveys Lead in development of and/or testing of various Company Softwares


Heriot-Watt University  
Master of Business Administration (MBA), None, Jan, 2004 to Jan, 2007

Texas A&M University - Galveston  
Bachelor Of Science, Marine Engineering, Aug, 1987 to Jun, 1989


  • Project Management Professional
    Project Management Institute (1851304)
    September 2015  - September 2018


Oman India Pipeline: Development of Design Methods for Hydrostatic Collapse in Deep Water'     
Published by (Offshore Pipeline Technology Conference)
Authors: Robinson Roy, Tam C. Raven P. . Stensgaard T. Al-Sharif R. and Preston R..  Published January 01, 1996

Paper details the methods used to calculate the wall thickness required to resist collapse in 3000m of water by DSAW pipe.

Assessment of Operational Risk for North Atlantic Pipeline     
Published by (Offshore Magazine)
Authors: Robinson Roy, P. German.  Published February 01, 1998

Details the iceberg risk to gas pipelines off the coast of Newfoundland.

Design Challenges of a 48-inch Pipeline Subsea Manifold     
Published by (OTC 2003)
Authors: Robinson Roy.  Published May 04, 2003

Paper details the design, construction, and installation of the BOMBAX Pipeline manifold for the 48-inch diameter gas pipeline system which weigh 400ton and was 50 ft by 50 ft x 25 ft.

OMC 2009 Paper 024: The Economic Impact of Early Production Planning (EPP) On Offshore Frontier Deve     
Published by (Offshore Med Conference 2009)
Authors: Robinson Roy.  Published June 02, 2009

Study of the value of time to project economics.