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James Powell

Senior Principle Engineer

Batchlors and Masters of Science in Bio-Mechanical Engineering. I was fortunate to work with Dr. Y.C. Fung's late student Dr. John Pinto. I have taught engineering and algebra for 30 years now. I am very fortunate to have worked with many brilliant engineers at Solar Turbines Inc. My early...
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Professor UCLA SDSU USD  
UCLA, January 2007 to Present, Los Angeles, California United States
Teach Finite Element Analysis for UCLA Extension.

Senior Principle Engineer  
Solar Turbines Incorporated, January 1996 to March 2015, San Diego, California United States
(Industrial Gas Turbine Engineering)
Designed and build combustion systems, material and property electronic database systems, Finite Element Analysis.


San Diego State Univ  
Master Of Science, Mechanical Engineering, May, 1993 to Aug, 1998
Biomechanical Engineering Thesis: Finite Element Analysis of a Tapered Elastomeric Tube with a Single Bifurcation Subjected to a Pulsatile Pressure Waveform.

San Diego State Univ  
Bachelor Of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Jan, 1987 to May, 1993
Tau Beta Pi

Other, Elementary School, Sep, 1965 to May, 1972


Material Property Database  by  Mike Fitzpatrick, James Powell, Bob Fawley, Jose Aurrocherea    
January, 1996 - January, 2015
Build an advanced material property database for both materials and processes and mechanical design engineering at Solar/Caterpillar. The MPD database became the world wide systems for material property information at Caterpillar. The database is similar to MAPTIS at NASA in many ways. The basic reference was ASMH, Aerospace Structural Metals Handbook.

Combustion Liner Structural Analysis  by  My Self. Mike Kelly, Mario Abreu    
May, 2000 - March, 2015
I created FEA models for Combustion Liners. I ran structural, heat transfer, and vibration modeling efforts for sustaining projects team.

Dual Fuel Injector Analysis  by  My Self, Mario Abreu, Mike Kelly    
May, 2000 - January, 2014
Create modeling Analysis for dual Fuel Industrial Gas Turbine Injectors. Preform Structural Analysis, Vibrations, Heat Transfer modeling to determine loads, material, stress. Preform injector life analysis for engine.

Biomechanical Soft Tissue Engineering  by  Steve Martin    
January, 1994 - Present
Preform Soft Tissue FEA modeling and analysis for blood flow measurements. CARE FUSION (IVAC).

Biomechanical Device Reports  by  HHS/PHS/FDA/CDRH    
May, 1987 - August, 1987
Write device reports for the Center for Devices and Radiological Health.


  • Professional Engineers
    NSPE (M 33183)
    September 2005  - September 2017


Free-State Seal Plate Functional Gage Tool  (9,151,696)    
Inventors: James B. Powell, Scott Staford, John Weber, Terry Akiyama.  Issued October 06, 2015  in United States

The patent is for a functional gage tool. The tool evaluates the GD&T for a seal plate that fits into the first and second stage turbine blades of an industrial gas turbine.


AQI Presidents Annual Quality Award
3D scanning technology for coordinate measuring systems.