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Julio C. Guerrero, PhD

Research| Business Development

Dr. Julio Guerrero www.linkedin.com/in/julioguerrero is a Principal at www.draper.com. At Schlumberger, he established almost 15 research collaborations with MIT and WHOI in robotics for subsea and land oil operations. Since 2003, he has done research with several MIT professors and WHOI...
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Principal & Business Development  
Draper Laboratory, July 2011 to Present
R&D and Business Development www.linkedin.com/in/julioguerrero

Cambridge Research and Technology L.L.C., March 2011 to Present

Dedicated to development of research and technology in Cambridge-MA. Offers: 1) Conceptual and Feasibility phases for your R&D projects; 2) Prototyping for the concepts; 3) Business development and partners in several industries outside your current area; 4) Brain power for your brain storms; 5) IP assessment and production; and 6) Networking with top academics

Board Member : Governor  
ASME, June 2010 to Present

http://committees.asme.org/Governance/BOG/Committee_Members.cfm Governor ASME for 2011-2014 Member of the Board

Vice Chair IAB  
ASME, January 2008 to January 2009

MIT, January 2004 to Present

Senior Lecturer at MIT

Principal Research Scientist  
Schlumberger, January 1998 to January 2010

Principal: Mechanical Systems and Material Research Group 13 Research collaborations with MIT Transferred technology from Research to engineering centers.


The University of Texas at Austin  
Robotics Mechanical, Jan, 1993 to Jan, 1998

The University of Texas at Austin  
Mechanical | Robotics, Jan, 1993 to Jan, 1995

Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería  
Mechanical Engineering, Jan, 1989 to Jan, 1991

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú  
Mechanical Engioneering, Jan, 1981 to Jan, 1988

Colegio de La Salle Lima-Peru  
Jan, 1969 to Jan, 1979


"El Futuro de la Industria de Hidrocarburos: Retos y Expectativas del Fracking”  by      
October, 2014 - October, 2014
"El Futuro de la Industria de Hidrocarburos: Retos y Expectativas del Fracking." Este video fue elaborado por ASME Sección Perú y EnginZone para el IV Congreso de Ingeniería Mecánica ASME Perú el 5 y 6 de setiembre de 2014.

Entrevista en Radio San Borja acerca de métodos para establecer investigación científica en el Perú  by      
May, 2011 - May, 2011
Entrevista en Radio San Borja acerca de métodos para establecer investigación científica en el Perú. Entrevistador: Modesto Montoya Entrevistado: Dr. Julio Guerrero ( ASME Governor Elect) www.linkedin.com/in/julioguerrero

Interview in Lima Peru of ASME president and governor Marc Goldsmith and Julio Guerrero on Sunday Se  by      
September, 2012 - September, 2012
Interview in Lima Peru of ASME president and governor Marc Goldsmith and Julio Guerrero on Sunday September 30 2012. Interviewer was Modesto Montoya in Radio SanBorja.

Julio Guerrero | International Pipeline Conference IPC Calgary Canada 2014 | Julio Guerrero speech  by      
September, 2014 - September, 2014
Presentation given by Julio Guerrero during the opening lunch of the International Pipeline Conference in Calgary Canada, September 30 2014.Presentación dada por Julio Guerrero durante el almuerzo de apertura de la conferencia internacional de tuberías, oleo ductos en Calgary Canada el 30 de Septiembre de 2014


Vertical Glider Robot      
Inventors: .  Filed March 19, 2013 


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Anchoring system and method:Patent     

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Subsea Operations Support System: Patent     

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Open hole tractor with tracks: Patent     

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Expandable structure for deployment in a well: Patent     

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System and methods for actuating reversibly expandable structures‬: Patent     

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Robotic exploration of unknown surfaces: Patent     

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Logging tool deployment systems and methods with pressure compensation: Patent     

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Logging tool deployment systems and methods without pressure compensation: Patent     

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Mechanism that assists tractoring on uniform and non-uniform surfaces: Patent     

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Apparatus and method for drilling a branch borehole from an oil well: Patent     

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Harvesting energy from flowing fluid: Patent     

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Harvesting energy in remote locations: Patent     

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Drilling system powered by energy-harvesting sensor: Patent     

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Electromagnetic device having compact flux paths for harvesting energy from : Patent     

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Wellsite systems utilizing deployable structure: Patent     

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Vertical Glider Robots for Subsea Equipment Delivery: Paper     

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Apparatus and Method For Sand Consolidation: Patent     

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Method and Apparatus for Deploying and Using Self-Locating Devices: Patent     

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