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Corporate Technology Manager

Versatile Manager with expertise in New Product Development, Technology Strategy, Business Development, and Marketing. Energizing business capability through directed application of technology strategy. Respected technical expert offering proven ability to create and manage interdisciplinary teams....
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VP Engineering, Hoerbiger  
Hoerbiger, August 2017 to Present, Girard, Ohio United States

Global Technology Lead  
Schlumberger, April 2016 to Present, Sugar Land, Texas United States
In support of the continuing integration of the Cameron Product Group, joined newly created Materials, Modeling, and Mechanical Technology (3MT) within the Schlumberger Engineering and Manufacturing Organization (E&M). Develop and support deployment of strategic roadmaps for technology investment across Product Groups. Lead integration of Cameron Product research into Schlumberger R&D Centers. Lead all long term development efforts including fundamental research supporting the next generation of 3MT technologies as aligned with Schlumberger E&M organization. Facilitate collaboration and outreach efforts with universities and development partners in cooperation with Schlumberger Enterprise University Relations organization.

Technology Manager  
OneSubsea, March 2014 to April 2016, Houston, Texas United States
Brought on board drive and facilitate standardization of newly implemented NPD process. Own the competitive landscape and product portfolio map. Lead all long term development efforts including fundamental research supporting the next generation of subsea technologies. Facilitate collaboration and outreach efforts with universities and development partners.

Manager, Technology and Engine Development  
Cameron, November 2012 to March 2014, Houston, Texas United States
(Internal Combustion Engine)
Promoted to build and lead Department for Technology and Engine Development within the Reciprocating Compression Division. Capitalized on engineering background to lead New Product Development planning and technology strategy. Drove increased investment in New Product Development program. Oversee $100k-$500k projects, manage R&D laboratory facilities, and team of five engineers.

Senior Engineer  
Cameron, March 2012 to December 2012, Houston, Texas United States
(Internal Combustion Engine)
Brought on board to provide subject matter expertise in Cameron products and services. Lead interdisciplinary New Product Development teams in designing equipment in support of Cameron owned brands and CAMSERV Aftermarket business. Created technology development strategies and business cases for each new product. Collaborated with Sales and Marketing organizations to ensure appropriate level of investment in each development project and program.

Adjunct Professor  
Idaho State University, August 2011 to December 2011, Idaho Falls, Idaho United States
Advanced Power Cycles

Research Engineer  
Idaho National Laboratory, August 2010 to March 2012, Idaho Falls, Texas United States
Managed multiple projects from $150k to $1.2M with focus on national and international energy resources. Conceptualized, designed, marketed, and deployed Optimized Analysis for Strategic Integrated Energy Systems (OASIES). Created and executed strategy for next-generation hybrid energy system for Department of Defense installation security and energy islanding.

Consulting Engineer  
ScavengeTech LLC, May 2009 to May 2010, Manhattan, Kansas United States
(Combustion & Heat Transfer)
Consultant for natural gas transportation, industrial internal combustion engine design, turbocharger designs and application.

Graduate Teaching Assistant  
Kansas State University, August 2007 to May 2009, Manhattan, Kansas United States
Instructor: Thermodynamics 1 (authored syllabus), Fundamentals of Engineering Review Substitute Lecturer: Thermodynamics 2, Aircraft and Missile Propulsion, Internal Combustion Engines, Heat Transfer

Graduate Research Assistant  
Kansas State University, August 2006 to June 2010, Manhattan, Kansas United States
Employed by the National Gas Machinery Laboratory. Completed research on natural gas E&P and transmission engines for Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI), and the US Department of Energy. Conducted testing and performance evaluation of turbochargers.

Contract Engineer (El Paso Corporation)  
Kinder Morgan, May 2006 to August 2006, Houston, Texas United States
(Natural Gas)
Natural gas pipeline operation and flow metering, internal combustion engine operation and maintenance, turbocharger design and application, reciprocating gas compressor operation and maintenance.


Kansas State University  
Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering, Jan, 2006 to Jan, 2010
Outstanding Graduate Researcher, College of Engineering, 2010; Outstanding Mentor, Society of Women Engineers, 2009

Kansas State University  
Bachelor Of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Jan, 2001 to Jan, 2006
Student Body President, Mechanical Engineering Department, 2004-2006; Member, Mechanical Engineering Department Student Advisory Committee, 2002-2004; Editor, Newsletter, Mechanical Engineering Department, 2003-2004; Member - ASME, ANS, IEEE, AAAS, SWE


Dynamic Thermo-Mechanical Energy Conversion Simulation  by  Diana Grauer, Sam Alessi    
March, 2011 - Present
Developed multi-physics dynamic modeling tools using Aspen Custom Modeler. Furtherd understanding of hybrid energy system dynamics through the integration of 1D fluid-dynamic model with 3D multi-physics CFD model.

Utilization of Advanced Hybrid Nuclear Energy System for Improved Energy Security  by  Diana Grauer, Sam Alessi, Michael Reed, Colleen V. Shelton-Davis    
August, 2010 - Present
Determined the technical and operational feasibility of deploying a “next-generation” hybrid energy system for base security and energy islanding. Assessed and demonstrated relative technology readiness levels for key components of the proposed hybrid energy system. Developed the Optimized Analysis for Strategic Integrated Energy Systems (OASIES).

Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity  by  Diana Grauer    
March, 2011 - Present
Idaho National Laboratory Program Coordinator reporting to project Principle Investigator. DOE AVTA program representative for ANSI Electric Vehicle Standards Panel. DOE AVTA program representative for SAE J2954 standard development committee. Collection, distillation, and dissemination of benchmark data for technology development efforts in support of advanced plug-in hybrid, extended range electric, and advanced drive technology, as well as internal combustion engines burning advanced fuels.

Cameron Ajax 2800 ULE  by  Diana Grauer, Mark Patterson, Ken Ashraph    
November, 2013 - Present
Developed NSPS compliant naturally aspirated two-stroke cycle natural gas well-head engine. Guaranteed 0.5 g/bhp-h NOx at 100 deg F at 100% load and speed. Ajax 2800 ULE is offered at 200, 400, 600, and 800 HP.


Active Air Control  (8,622,045)    
Inventors: Diana Grauer, Kirby Chapman.  Issued January 07, 2014  in us

Abstract: An air-balanced engine assembly is configured to operate efficiently while producing a reduced level of harmful emissions. The engine assembly includes a two-stroke internal combustion engine with multiple power cylinders and intake and exhaust manifolds that fluidly communicate with the cylinders. The engine assembly also includes an air balancing assembly with valves that control intake air flow from the intake manifold to the cylinders. The valves cooperate to balance intake air flow among the cylinders and are configured to substantially equalize trapped equivalence ratios among the cylinders.


Active Air Control System Development using Charge Air Integrated Manifold Numerical Simulation (CAI     
Published by (Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power)
Authors: Diana Grauer, Kirby Chapman.  Published July 01, 2008

Active Air Control System to Reduce Two-Stroke Cycle Engine Pollutant Emissions: Validation and Labo     
Published by (American Society of Mechanical Engineers Internal Combustion Engine Division Conference)
Authors: Diana Grauer, Kirby Chapman.  Published May 06, 2009

Electrical Power Grid Delivery Dynamic Analysis: Using Prime Mover Engines to Balance Dynamic Wind T     
Published by (American Society of Mechanical Engineers International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Expo)
Authors: Diana Grauer, Michael Reed.  Published November 11, 2011

Development of an Exhaust Manifold Design Optimization for Cylinder Scavenging and Turbocharger Perf     
Published by (American Society of Mechanical Engineers Internal Combustion Engine Division Conference)
Authors: Diana Grauer, Kirby Chapman.  Published September 12, 2010

Dynamic Analysis of Prime Mover Combined Heat and Power Delivery to Chemical Processing     
Published by (American Society of Mechanical Engineers Internal Combustion Engine Division Conference)
Authors: Diana Grauer, Michael Reed.  Published October 02, 2011

Development of a Cycle-Resolved Kinetic Mechanism for Carbon Monoxide Formation     
Published by (American Society of Mechanical Engineers Internal Combustion Engine Division Conference)
Authors: Diana Grauer, Kirby Chapman.  Published September 12, 2010