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Mark F Connaughton

Consulting Mechanical Engineer

Results-oriented Mechanical Project Engineer, MIT grad with wide experience in aerospace and commercial industry. Hands-on, CAD modelling and analytical expertise. I turn ideas into hardware.


Senior Design Engineer  
(Aerospace), January 2003 to January 2012

Designed, documented and built or improved test equipment and tooling for avionics systems and modules. Built 30+ Interface Test Adapters, family of environmental test chambers, vacuum and leak test stations, provided formal operations and maintenance instructions, in a high-performance development and production environment. Provided aviation-grade soft load cell for mount/demount operation of aircraft pod. Averaged approximately half the design time for this equipment. Received numerous performance awards for equipment quality and timeliness.

MFC PE, January 1998 to Present

Designed production hardware for multiple clients in optical and business-product sectors. Created OEM design for a conference phone that is still in production, and a molded pistol cam used in law enforcement. Provided proof-of-concept component mounting system and optical layout for a proposed LCD movie projector to cost 1/3 the cost of existing projectors. Designed and detailed rifle scopes and mounts for and development several clients, including highly specialized concepts and low-cost versions. Designed lens mount systems and provided detailed lens drawings for IR microscope manufacturer.

Senior Mechanical Engineer  
TechnoView, Inc, January 1998 to January 2000

Came on board full-time as project engineer to bring an electronic pill bottle to production. Drove design to working prototype stage with compact RF recorder/sender on bottle and base station for remote access. As consultant (previously) Designed highly custom equipment for medical applications, including a fiber-optic manipulator system for an arthroscopic surgical tool.

Test Engineer  
Boeing, January 1997 to January 1998

Designed needed ground support equipment and scheduled manpower usage for laboratory. Planned and supervised assembly of small spacecraft. Provided minor rework as needed to “get the job done.”

Facility Engineer  
CryoSpan, January 1995 to December 1996

Assisted in experimental medical procedures, maintained and operated blood-chemistry equipment. Managed new operating room construction. Built and used customized liquid-nitrogen handling and shipping systems. Designed and installed earthquake-safe underground liquid nitrogen storage system with 300 gallon open-top dewars.

Mechanical Design Engineer  
Odetics ATLP, January 1992 to January 1994

Helped bring Automated Tape Libraries to production, by designing molded plastic and die-cast grippers, cables, flex circuits, sensor installations and sheet-metal enclosures and overseeing regulatory and environmental tests..

North American Raceco, January 1991 to January 1991

Documented tubular frame vehicle for small government contract, helped build and modify off-road race cars. Company has lately been resurrected after a decade-long dormancy.

Mechanical Design Engineer  
Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne, January 1980 to January 1990

Performed design and analysis and production troubleshooting in Space Shuttle Main Engine Turbomachinery. Performed conceptual design and analysis of exotic systems (power, optics, space transportation) in Advanced Programs. Provided test hardware for Air Force Weapons Lab and Sandia in Albuquerque: laser, pulsed power physics and supporting systems.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
SB, Mechanical Engineering, Jan, 1978 to Jan, 1980

Worcester Polytechnic Institute  
Jan, 1976 to Jan, 1978


  • Professional Engineer
    California Board of Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors (26626)
    September 1989