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Mohamed Abd Elreheem Abo Mohamed

Mechanical Rotating Engineer

As a mechanical rotating engineer, I gained excellent experience from project initiation , through to detailed design, machines inspection and mechanical completion for major world clients such as ARAMCO, TOTAL, DOW…..etc . My Career started by working in plant operation in one of biggest LNG...
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Senior Mechanical Rotating Engineer  
Aramco Overseas Company B.V., August 2012 to Present, The Hague Netherlands
(Oil & Gas & Petrochemicals)
“AOC” one of Saudi Aramco’s subsidiaries, Located in The Hague, the Netherlands. Saudi Aramco, is a fully integrated, global petroleum and chemicals enterprise and the world’s top exporter of crude oil. AOC Core business is to provide services to the Enterprise, its suppliers and Saudi Arabian companies in our areas of operation (Europe, Africa, India & Latin America). Work Essential Responsibilities: - Engineering standards specification consultation. - Procurement specification, drawings reviews and approval. - Preliminary technical reviews of new manufacturing plants. - Support Aramco Consultant Department on plant visits for technical compliance. - Support PMT, on FAT, technical KO meetings, plant evaluations etc, - Sadara Project (PMT team) “South Korea” (Aug.2012 ~ April 2013) Job Role: “Senior Mechanical Engineer” for PMC team role covering all rotating equipments associated to the EPC contract in South Korea for Sadara Project. Reporting directly to the PMT and providing technical consultancy to Client. Sadara Chemical Project, represents a unique alliance between two corporate giants, Saudi Aramco and Dow Chemical Company Work Essential Responsibilities:  Reviewing the basis of design, specifications, data sheets, requisitions, technical bid evaluations, and drawings, prepared by Vendors & Contractors and approval of the same.  Answering Technical Queries, issuing Change Order Requests.  Ensured contractor complied with all Sadara project requirements in all aspects of design, inspection and testing for all rotating equipment including Reciprocating Compressors API 618, Cryogenic Pumps (API 610) submerged type, Centrifugal Pumps (API 610) & (ASME B73.1). Sealless Magnetic drive pumps (API 685), Flare stack packages (API 573 & API 521).  Instrumental in the overall, participation, comment and ensuring implementation during major design reviews, LPP safety reviews, HAZOP and 3D model reviews and managed contractor implementation of comments and actions.

Senior Mechanica Rotating Engineer  
Samsung Engineering "SECL", November 2007 to July 2012, Seoul Republic of Korea
(Engineering & Design)
Work in the mechanical engineering design department as “Mechanical Lead Engineer” responsible for rotating and package equipments. Work Essential Responsibilities: - Complete technical clarifications & Technical bid evaluation “TBE” for all bidders. - Reviewing and approving equipments vendor prints.  Managing the HAZOP and 3D model reviews for all assigned rotating equipments. - Following up and attending equipments inspection in the vendor’s shops. - Site surveys for revamp projects. - Shop surveys for non approved vendors’ shops to measure their engineering quality and manufacturing capability in order to assure client’s standards implementation. - Assigned for the following oil & gas projects for listed equipments: 1) Aramco DHT project (Lamp sum 514 million USD) (2007~2009) Reaction furnace and waste heat boiler package (ASME I & ASME VIII) - Thermal oxidizer package (ASME VIII) - Centrifugal blower (API 673) - Flare stack package (API 573 & API 521). 2) Barzan Proposal “ Qatar Petroleum” Technical clarifications and cost estimation for centrifugal pumps (All types) & Steam turbines (API 612). 3) Jubail project “ARAMCO-TOTAL Refinery” (Lamp sum 10 billion USD) (2009~2011) Centrifugal Pumps (API 610 BB & OH types) - Sealless Magnetic drive Pumps (API 685) - Screw Compressor (API 619) - Filter Packages (ASME VIII) - Centrifugal Blower (API 673). 4) Thailand RPC Proposal. Technical clarifications and cost estimation for centrifugal Compressors (API 617) & Flare stacks Packages (API 573 & API 521). 5) Shaybah Project “Aramco” (Lamp sum 3.2 billion USD) (2011~2012) Centrifugal compressors (API 617) - Flare stack packages (API 573 & API 521).

Field Engineer  
Spanish Egyptian Gas "SEGAS", July 2004 to October 2007, Damietta Egypt
(Liquification Natural Gas "LNG" industry)
SEGAS is one of Union Fenosa gas companies. It is liquefaction natural gas (LNG) plant using APCI technology, located in Egypt. Work in the operation department, joined the company during construction, commissioning and start up. Work Essential Responsibilities: - Monitor and control Gas Processing train area machines (Propane & Mixed Refrigerant compressors, turbo-expanders, LNG pumps and gas turbines “Frame7”) and ensure the operation and performance within the requirements. - Analysis, diagnosis and trouble shooting for any rotating equipment upset. - Start-up and operation of the Power Generation area (gas turbines “Frame 5”), Carry out start up, shut down procedures, with good knowledge of MKV & MKVI controls systems. - Practicing of Machines condition monitoring system “REDAS” (Rotating Equipment Data Acquisition System) and compressor anti-surge control system (CCC control system). - Work in storage & loading area, includes (Reciprocating boil-off gas compressor), enforce and maintain operational safety.

Site Engineer  
El Ghanem Construction Company, January 2004 to June 2004, Kuwait Kuwait
It is construction company, located in Kuwait .worked in mechanical department as a site engineer. - Follow up the work, mechanical completion and check list. - Coordinate between the Company as a main contractor and the subcontractors.


Cairo University  
Master Of Science, Mechanical engineering, Sep, 2005 to Sep, 2010
It is a research study in fluid mechanics. Thesis title is “A comparative performance study of mechanical agitator and Jets Mixer”. The research’s parametric study & analysis are done by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code “FLUENT”.

Cairo University  
Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Power Engineering, Sep, 1996 to Jun, 2003
B.Sc. Grade: Very good. Total Grade: Good. Graduation Project Grade: Distinction. Graduation project title is “Centrifugal pump design” mixed flow type. Design of the hydraulic parts (impeller, diffuser & bell mouth). Experimental performance study for the pump model.