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Steve Reese

Materials Scientist

I am a research and project engineer at a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory in Idaho. I been active in the governance of ASME since the mid 90s. My experience within ASME has progressed from treasurer of a local section to serving on operating boards within the K&C sector. ...
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Material Scientist/Project Manager  
Idaho National Laboratory, September 1999 to Present, Idaho Falls, Idaho United States
(Nuclear (Materials))
Design and execute experiments employing laser based ultrasound for examination of physical properties of material microstructure. Coordinate biohazard decontamination test programs and facilities. Evaluate chemical and radioactive waste treatment processes.

Research Engineer  
University of Idaho, August 1995 to August 1999, Idaho Falls, Idaho United States
(Nuclear (Materials))
Conducted process validation experiments related to the drying of spent nuclear fuel.


Columbia University  
Bachelor Of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Sep, 1989 to May, 1993


  • Professional Engineer
    January 2001


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On the establishment of a method for characterization of material microstructure through laser-based     
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