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Daught Madzivadondo

Project (Design) Engineer

Given that both technology and scientific knowledge are expanding at an incredibly rapid rate, i am willing and able to acquire new skills and knowledge in my area of expertise. During my engineering life i discovered that the focus is on having the necessary technical skills and ability to carry...
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Project Engineer  
Mechelesa Engineering, May 2016 to Present, Centurion South Africa
(Consulting Engineers)
Responsibilities: o Translating client requirements into practical terms that can be implemented by a team o Prioritizing and organizing project tasks into the required timeline o Ensuring the project meets its deadlines at each stage o Maintaining a clean health and safety record and overseeing the resolution of any problems o Identifying problems with the project, taking the lead on developing solutions and ensuring solutions are implemented o Listening and responding to team and client requests o Running regular team meetings and maintaining team activity and morale o Liaising with third parties such as external contractors around time scales and working practices

Sciences Education Facilitator  
Zimbabwe Public Service, August 2014 to March 2016, Gweru Zimbabwe
Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry Facilitator:

Sales Engineer  
ZIMCOPPIERS, December 2012 to December 2013, Gweru Zimbabwe
(Marketing Products)
Sales and Marketing

Junior Mechanical Engineer  
SINO ZIMBABWE CEMENT COMPANY, August 2009 to December 2011, Gweru Zimbabwe
(Manufacturing & Processing)
Achievements o Maintenance of Jaw Crushers, Hammer Crusher, Ball Mill, Kiln, Chain conveyors, Belt conveyors, Bucket conveyors, Reclaimer during plant breakdowns and installation of new plant system. o Conceived, designed and prototyped a lightweight dust collector, resulting in a 1% increase in dust collection efficiency. o Pioneered in fighting against HIV and AIDS at workplace through counseling and motivating other workers to go through circumcision programs o Manufacturing processes monitoring and evaluations


Mondelēz International  
Bachelor of Engineering, Certificate in Energy Management for Engineers II, Jan, 2017 to Jun, 2017

CenturyLink GDC  
Bachelor of Engineering, Post grad in Operations Data Center Mechanical Lead, Jun, 2016 to Jun, 2017

ASHE in assosc with Schneider Energy University  
Bachelor of Engineering, Technician Comprehensive Energy Management, Apr, 2016 to Jun, 2017

Schneider Energy University  
Bachelor of Engineering, Energy Efficiency for Industrial Automation and Control, Feb, 2016 to Jun, 2017

Harare Institute of Technology  
Associate in Arts, Certificate In Technology Education, Aug, 2011 to Jul, 2012

Harare Institute of Technology  
Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Aug, 2007 to Jul, 2012

Africa Multination for Christ College  
Associate in Arts, Diploma in Christian Counseling and Leadership, Jan, 2006 to Dec, 2007


Steel Processing Plant  by  Yardcote Entreprise, Mechelesa engineering    
January, 2017 - Present
This is the Steel Media Foundry project being implemented in the town of Norton Zimbabwe, about 40 Km SW of Harare