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Mechanical Technician

We have now mastered, the gasturbine mechanical maintenance operation techniCIAn engr of Westinghouse W501 D5 gas turbine generators 5 units x 100 MW. As vvell as the 2.5 MW ALCO diesel generator, emergency, and the 1 MW Cummins, diesel generator , emergency as vvell as the instrumentation and...
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hotel supervisor  
Capiz Bay Resort, November 1999 to Present, Roxas City Philippines
(hotel and resort)
hotel supervisor.

Roxas-Iloilo Shuttle van, July 1998 to November 1999, Iloilo City Philippines
Professional R1238 prof. driver, truck articulated, and shuttle van, for hire (Iloilo-Roxas).

owner, manager  
Edgek Electrical Supply, September 1997 to July 1998, Leganes, Iloilo Philippines
operation of an electrical supply and hardware store.

manager, owner  
ED's Electrical Supply, July 1995 to May 1997, Iloilo City Philippines
operation of electrical supply and hardware store.

heavy equipment foreman  
F. Gurrea Construction, Inc., March 1995 to May 1995, Iloilo City Philippines
heavy equipment foreman, articulated trucks, dump trucks, concrete mixer trucks, bulldozers, road graders, etc.

Technician. Mechanical Purchasing  
Saudi Ministry of Finance/ Electricity Corp., June 1989 to November 1994, Ha'il City Saudi Arabia
(Power Plant)
Technician , mechanical purchasing, local and international purchasing of gas turbine, and diesel generator parts, and other povver plant items, and electrical transmission, and distribution items,depending upon the actual requirements of the Saudi Electricity Co., and purchasing of instrumentation and control spare parts items..

Technician, catalog, mechanical  
Saudi Ministry of Finance/ Saudi Electricity Co., June 1987 to July 1989, Ha'il City Saudi Arabia
(power plant)
Technician, catalog, mechanical - creation of Power Plant catalog, mechanical, including , other departments, electrical, distribution, transmission, sub-station and etc., by using PC, and transferring the computer data storage to DEC VAX 5000 mainframe computer. Electricity Corp. coding, of power plant spares, and distribution transmission, sub-station spare parts, etc.

Technician, gas turbine mechanical, warehouse handing over.  
Saudi Ministry of Finance/ Electricity Corp., February 1987 to June 1989, Ha'il Saudi Arabia
(power plant)
Technician, gas turbine mechanical, 5 years spare parts, handing over at Central Warehouse. Receiving of 5 years spare parts, gas turbine, for Electricity Corp., in conjunction vvith Iscosa Westinghouse Ha'il, (power plant spare part) , and REDEC Daelim (Regional Engineering Development Co.) Dammam, Saudi Arabia. And coordination of 5 years spare parts, vvith Fichtner Consulting Engrs.,Stuttgart, W. Germany.

Technician, diesel shift operation  
Saudi Electricity Co., Ha'il Region, April 1985 to September 1985, Ha'il Saudi Arabia
(povver plant)
Technician, diesel shift operation- for 3 units x 1.5 MW, Wartsila Vasa Finland, diesel generators, for Camp B and Fichtner Camp B. Ha'il KSA. Ha'il 3 Diesel Power Plant..

gas turbine mechanical maintenance operation technician engr.  
Saudi Electricity Co., March 1985 to November 1994, Ha'il Saudi Arabia
(power plant)
gas turbine mechanical maintenance operation technician, engr. , Westinghouse gas turbine generators W501 D5 5 units x 100 MW. maintenance and operation, and BOP (Balance of Plant), 2.5 MW ALCO diesel generator (emergency), 1 MW Cummins Diesel generator, emergency.

Construction labor  
Mohsin Diab K. Al Shammarri Establishment(temporary assignment), March 1985 to May 1985, Ha'il Saudi Arabia
construction labor- (temporary assignment) as there vvas a delay, in the processing of "Iqama" (vvork permit, residence permit), authorizing to vvork.

diesel operation shift engr.  
Panay Electric Co.Inc., May 1982 to July 1984, Iloilo City Philippines
(povver plant)
diesel generator operation shift engr., 18 MW power plant, English Electric 1 and 2, Mirrlees Blackstone, SEMT Pielstick (Societe d' Etudes d' Mecaniques Thermiques, IHI Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries (Japan). NSDK generator (Nishishiba Denki Kogyo, Ltd. -Japan).


Westing house Iscosa Ha'il Woodward Governor School  
Other, Woodward Governor, SCADA Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition system, Oct, 1985 to May, 1986
Passed- Woodward Governor School, SCADA Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition systems, CAE- Canadian Automated Electronics. We've made a revision to the book: Woodward Governor, Mechanical , electro-hydraulic.

Westinghouse Iscosa Ha'il gas turbine training school  
Other, HGPT- Hot Gas Path, gas turbine, + turbine maintenance and operation., Sep, 1985 to May, 1986
Passed: HGPT (gas turbine hot gas path) gas turbine major overhaul, + PMS (Periodic Maintenance Schedule), Minor Combustor Basket maintenance, +BOP (Balance of Plant), performance of maintenance jobs, according to computerized vvork schedule.

Westinghouse Iscosa Ha'il JKK judo karate kungfu taekvvondo school.  
Other, basic, judo karate kungfu taekvvondo., Sep, 1985 to May, 1986
"basic judo karate kungfu taekvvondo, + development of book for "kashinubu" (the lost Japanese art of extreme leverage in the arms and legs), + and "hampang" (Ilonggo:" Games") vvritten according to the late "Lolo Puble" Dalisay (Regalado)..... "

Saudi Security Forces School  
Other, desert survival, Mar, 1985 to Nov, 1994

Central Philippine University  
Other, B.S. Elect. Eng. 4 (unfinished), Jun, 1981 to Mar, 1982
(remarks: not finished BS Elect. Eng. 5th yr- due to start of employment at PECO (Panay Electric Co., Inc., povver plant ).*

Central Philippine University  
Mechanical Engineer, power plant, Jun, 1976 to Mar, 1981


Ha'il Regional Electrification Project ("Mas ruh')  by  Engr. Stephen J. Bazik    
March, 1985 - June, 1990
Ha'il Regional Electrification Project.

Hail Regional Electrification Project- ("Mas ruh'").  by  Engr. Ted Emmet, Westinghouse Ha'il.    
September, 1985 - August, 1989
Ha'il Regional Electrification Project - ("Mas ruh'").

Ha'il Regional Electrification Project ("Mas ruh'").  by  Engr. L. J. ("Bill") Humphreys    
September, 1985 - May, 1990
Electricity Corp., Ha'il Region Electricity, Ha'il Regional Electrification Authority.


  • Edgar Tabujara
    SAMA Saudi Arabian Military Academy 
    March 1985  - November 1994
  • ("Tasgheel Mekaniki") Mechanical Maintenance
    late Engr. Madan Prasad, Electricity Corp., Ha'il 
    August 1986


The 1985-1986 Ha'il Saudi Arabia war.     
Published by (Iloilo City printer, (limited edition). )
Authors: Edgar Tabujara .  Published November 01, 1999

The 1985-1986 Ha'il Saudi Arabia war.