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Marriner Merrill


My interests are in developing new methods to process, apply, and characterize multi-scale and/or multifunctional materials. Current projects range from adhesion and surface energy to poro-vascular composites and nanomanufacturing methods utilizing electrospray ionization.


US Naval Research Laboratory, January 2010 to Present, Washington, District of Columbia United States

Multifunctional Materials Branch


Purdue University  
Doctor of Philosophy, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Sep, 2003 to Jun, 2009
Commencement Speaker, Purdue Commencement (Division IV), May 2009 AAE Outstanding Graduate Student, 2009 President, Purdue Graduate Student Government, 2006/2007

Utah State University  
Bachelor Of Science, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Oct, 1997 to May, 2003