R&D Supervisor

Energy efficiency and renewable energy – specialist (R&D). Mechanical Engineer/Master of Science in Energy Management – Advanced Certificate in Environmental Management. Contribute to the development of renewable energies that will enable society to have a safer and cleaner world, using new...
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Research and Development Supervisor  
Prototyping Reverse engineering Develop R&D processes 3D Printing Materials testing

Project Manager  
Ministry of Industries and Productivity Secretariat of Technological Disaggregation, March 2015 to May 2015, QUITO Ecuador
• Establish processes in reverse engineering and prototyping machining. • Monitor the development of terms of reference for acquisitions of material and equipment. • Keep Government Per Results GPR system updated. • Regular meetings about POA Annual Operating Plan. • Authorize payments to suppliers. • Perform monthly schedule of activities. • Coordinate the construction and commissioning of the Center for Technology Disaggregation in Latacunga and Yachay. • Organize events nationwide. • Leading a team of 12 people. • Assist the Secretary in overall coordination of the Secretariat.

Project Leader  
National Institute for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies, January 2015 to February 2015, Quito Ecuador
• Coordinate the proper development and progress of the project "Energy Optimization for Heavy Transport and Logistics Study". • Supervise and develop projects, research and studies. • Build, maintain, manage, update and disseminate information on energy efficiency issues. • Generate, collect, process, strengthen research and energy information. • To disseminate knowledge through lectures, seminars and other events assigned. • Assist the Technical General Coordinator in planning and implementing projects. • Support in developing the calculator 2050 - Ecuador with the support of the Department of Climate Change United Kingdom.

Technical Analyst  
National Institute for Energy Ffficiency and Renewable Energy-INER ECUADOR, July 2013 to Present, Quito Ecuador
Research in the transportation sector for the Republic of Ecuador

El Baratillo, Distribuidora, January 2008 to June 2013, Ambato Ecuador

● Program work schedules for ten employees ● Make monthly payments to suppliers ● Conduct inventories periodically ● Improve customer service

Head Resident Assistant  
New York Institute of Technology, August 2004 to May 2007, Old Westbury, New York United States
●Supervise three resident assistants to ensure contracted duties are performed and objectives are met ●Conduct weekly staff meetings and biweekly individual meetings ●Oversee and document 63 educational, social, or cooperative programs per semester for the Campus community ●Assist with In-Service training meetings to provide ongoing staff development and education ●Participate in the interviewing of applicants during staff selection

Pall Corporation, February 2004 to December 2005, East Hills, New York United States
(Biofluid Mechanics)
●Helped Research and Development engineers to set up technical and experimental test equipment and processes ●Ran experiments and tests, and accurately recorded and reported the findings to the Engineers and the Project Managers


New York Inst of Technology  
Master Of Science, Energy Management, Sep, 2005 to May, 2007
Graduated with Honors. Advanced Certificate in Environmental Management

New York Inst of Technology  
Bachelor Of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Sep, 1999 to Aug, 2005


Base line for energy efficiency in the transportation sector  by  Andres Montero, Francisco Izurieta    
July, 2013 - Present
Create a base line to develop new ideas to improve energy efficiency in vehicles throughout the Republic of Ecuador.

Energy Optimization for Heavy Transport and Logistics Study  by  Alvaro Corral    
January, 2015 - Present


Energy Policy for the Republic of Ecuador     
Published by (New York Institute of Technology )
Authors: Alvaro Corral.  Published May 22, 2007

It provides an idea to base the production of electricity only on renewable energies, taking in consideration the feasibility studies done practically, economically, and environmentally.

Líneas estratégicas de acción en el sector transporte para la mitigación del cambio climático en Ecuador     
Published by (LÍNEASUR)
Authors: Guayanlema, V., Corral, A., & Quintana, P.  Published August 14, 2014

Estimación Del Gasto Energético Y Ciclo De Vida Aplicados En Motocicletas Urbanas     
Published by (Energía Mecánica, Innovación y Futuro)
Authors: López, E., Corral, A., & Espinoza, S..  Published October 01, 2013

Identificación De Las Necesidades De Eficiencia Energética En El Transporte     
Published by (Primer Congreso Internacional y Expo Científica: Investigación Sostenible Energías Renovables y Efic)
Authors: Izurieta, F., Corral, A.,& Guayanlema, V..  Published