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Lisa Santos

Sr Mechanical Engineer

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Sr Mechanical Engineering  
C&I Engineering, June 2012 to Present, Louisville United States


University of Louisville  
Bachelor Of Science, Mechanical Engineering, May, 1991 to Dec, 1994


  • Lisa Santos
    Kentucky Board of Engineers & Land Surveyors (22892)
  • Lisa Santos
    Ohio Engineers and Surveyors Board (PE.78152)
  • Lisa Santos
    Texas Board of Professional Engineers (128341)
    October 2017  - September 2018


Integrated valve control and monitoring assembly  (6,135,147)    
Inventors: Mark Peters, Lisa Santos.  Issued June 03, 1999  in United States

A valve control and monitoring assembly is mounted substantially alongside the upwardly extending auxiliary shaft of a rotary valve actuator, rather than directly above the auxiliary shaft. This valve control and monitoring assembly includes a targeting device and LEDs that provide for immediate visual indication as to the position of the driven valve, and may also include a pneumatic valve for effectuating opening and closing of the driven valve.

Hermetically sealed proximity switch   (6,127,910)    
Inventors: Bruce Webb, Lisa Santos, Mark Peters.  Issued October 03, 2000  in United States

A magnetic proximity switch comprises an elongated, substantially cylindrical body which houses a switching circuit, said switching circuit closing when a magnetic target passes within a certain range of the switch. This switching circuit preferably comprises two leaf portions hermetically sealed in a glass enclosure within the switch body, a biasing magnet being positioned adjacent one leaf portion for generating a flux that is shared with the one leaf portion, extending the magnetic field toward the end of the switch body and effectively increasing the sensing range of the switch. The switch also is equipped with a plurality of visual indicators, preferably light-emitting diodes, which are illuminated when the switch is closed to provide immediate visual indication as to the position of the switch, regardless of the rotational orientation of the switch