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Fluid drive ME

- Experience with hydraulic systems for commercial aviation, industrial hydraulics and mobile markets. - Worked with specialists in machine stress and vibration analysis to improve hydraulic components life. Interpreted the test results and mediated discussions between teams and the customer...
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Design Engineer  
Bosch-Rexroth Group, November 2011 to February 2014

Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders SAP BOMs.

Sr. Design Engineer and Quality Management Systems Management Rep.  
AW-Lake Company, May 2010 to October 2010

Quality Management Rep. worked on the ISO9001: 2008 re-certification. Supported the company through the ISO 9001:2008 certification and was awarded the Management Representative position. Worked with the IT group on a project aimed to modify the company's CRM, so we could get customers feed-back, CARs and PARs that could be very easily drawn in the Management Report. Wearing my Sr. Engineer hat, I implemented design upgrades and test evaluations for Lake Product Line Flow Meters, and 1" Turbine Flow Meters to be used in the oil industry. After 3 months, I switched careers and industries, and relocated to Pittsburgh following a "twister" of dreams.

Contract Engineer  
Hamilton Sundstrand - Rockford, August 2009 to November 2009

Short Term contract. Created and released Qualification Test Procedures for a new Main Fuel Pump. My contribution to the team was in the Vibrations and Shock, and Low Cycle Fatigue Qualification Tests Procedures.

Contract Engineer  
SPX Fluid Power Technologies, May 2008 to February 2009

Contract position for Sustainability projects for the very high pressure ( 10,000+ psi) industrial hydraulics components like gear pumps, valves, cylinders. Worked with the high power pumps from the Power Team, the low pressure (5000 psi) gear pumps from the Stone Product line, and some of the Globe Air motors. Developed two new pumps and a bi-directional cylinder, while troubleshooting and testing all platform product. Developed International Markets projects for SPX Global Markets, as required by Leadership.

Hydraulic Systems Design Engineer for Caterpillar Inc. contract  
Caterpillar Inc., January 2004 to September 2007

- Worked on several 6 Sigma projects as a hydraulics systems resource for wheel dozers and compactors product lines. - Developed with a cross functional team a start up procedure to avoid dieseling in large cylinders, during start-up. - Interfaced between the FEA analysts group and the customer on stress related improvements to increase the functional life of the machine hydraulic components. - Performance troubleshot and evaluation through brief, customized testing, at the end of the line. - Was Green Belt trained. - Worked with internal suppliers on component performance upgrades, critical features and development of the APQPs.

Sr. Design Engineer  
Eaton Hydraulics, January 2000 to January 2002

Worked on smaller projects for cartridge valves like catalog valves solenoids evaluation per the CEI standards for water ingestion.

Project Manager  
ROMAERO S.A, March 1992 to December 1995

Worked on a Repair Station for Boeing 727 and 707 aircraft, for SB completion per the Boeing Aircraft Maintenance methodology. Was trained by Boeing for structural work like bonding and sealing, and repairs through cold working.

Design Engineer  
Romaero S.A, September 1980 to December 1992

Designed ground test equipment for production stages from 5 to 7 for the Romanian license of the BAC1-11 mid carrier with British Aerospace, on all aircraft fluid systems; ATA chapters 21, 28, 29, 32, 35, 36, 37, 38, 79, 82. Was part of the Systems Engineering group designing the acceptance test stands for equipment that has reached the shelf life, and for the re-engined design of the modernized BAC1-11 to comply with the ICAO regulations. These activities were overseen and approved by the licensor, British Aerospace.


Cornell University  
Certificate Program, Marketing Strategies for Business Leaders, Jan, 2011 to Jan, 2011
Studying marketing has opened a whole new world in front of me, because it positions the engineering products and services I was so proud of, into a totally different light. It is the tangible effect of our work for the community, the way the customers can use the better products we provide to change the social outputs, the economic power. It is about money and economic power, but most important, it is about the future, the way we control and influence it. After studying, learning and applying, it is time to give back to our communities products that are impacting the future.

Polytechnic University of Bucharest  
Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineering, Sep, 1975 to Jul, 1980
Specialized in hydraulic and pneumatic systems and machines, new technologies of energy conversion, boundary layer. Top student of my class.


SAP and configurable BOMs  by  Iris Florea    
January, 2012 - Present


  • Marketing Strategy for Business Leaders
    Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University 
    April 2011