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Jane Hutt

IGTC Webmaster

Over 25 years experience with technical writing, communications and marketing in the engineering sector. Print and electronic media development. Currently Webmaster of the International Generator Technical Community.


Webmaster and Site Manager  
International Generator Technical Community, March 2010 to Present, Olympia, Washington United States
(Power Generation)
The IGTC is a members-only online technical forum for engineers and power plant technical people, focused on specific power plant equipment and related problems of their operations and maintenance. I am the webmaster and site manager, involved in its operation and continuing development.

Manager Marketing & Communications Services  
National Electric Coil, August 1996 to December 2017, Washington United States
(Power Production)
Mrs. Hutt has worked in the power generation industry since 1996 as the Manager of Marketing and Communications Services for National Electric Coil, responsible for a wide variety of corporate technical media, both electronic and print. Prior to that, she worked in the Architect/Engineer sector of the construction industry and was involved as an editor and a public involvement‐communications specialist for major planning and regulatory contracts, including the 1993 revision of the Washington State Energy Code. In 2009, she was one the original team involved with the design and implementation the International Generator Technical Community forum site. She has been the volunteer webmaster for the IGTC site since its launch in March of 2010. Mrs. Hutt is a member of IEEE and ASME. She served as the 2011-12 chair of the ASME Power Division’s Turbines, Generators & Auxiliaries technical committee. From 2006-2008, she was appointed by the Power Division’s Executive Committee to serve on to a special committee charged with assisting the ASME Codes and Standards Council with the development of a new generation of member products and services. Based on input from the Power Division, she proposed a “new product,” aimed at early and mid-career engineers and technicians, which was approved by the Council’s Board of Directors, which was put on track for implementation until ASME experienced budget and personnel cuts. In 2009, she was the recipient of ASME’s Dedicated Service Award, one of the society’s highest‐level honors that can be awarded to non- engineering-degreed member. In 2013, she was appointed as a member at large for strategic planning for ASME’s Energy Conversion Group. Since 2012, she has spoken at power industry conferences and engineering workshops on various aspects of Knowledge Transfer and Engineer Professional Development issues, and has led several panels on these topics, as well. Publications and presentations: “Facilitating Knowledge Transfer for Generator Engineers, Between Companies and Across Borders,” EEA Conference 2012 proceedings, presented 21 June 2012, Auckland, New Zealand “Interactions of Participants in Online Engineer’s Forum Reflect Emerging and Relevant Power Industry Trends,” EEA Conference 2014 proceedings, presented 19 June Auckland, New Zealand “Features and Learning Goals for IGTC Generator Technical Forum Site,” presentation, at American Governor’s 2012 Governor School, presented 11 June 2012


University of Hawaii  
Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, Sep, 1982 to Jun, 1984
Ted Majoros Scholarship, Kappa Tau Alpha Journalism Honor Society, Hawaii Newspaper Agency Ka Le O award for Excellence in Layout, Hawaii Newspaper Agency Ka Le O award for Excellence in Headlines/Cutlines

The Ohio State University  
Jan, 1968 to Jan, 1970
Ohio State University College of Engineering/School of Architecture


ASME Dedicated Service Award 2009

2012 Chair of Turbines Generator & Auxiliaries Technical Committee
Power Division

2013-14 Member at Large TCOB/Energy Conversion Group