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Jeremy Cosmatos

Mechanical Engineer

I am a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh with almost two years of experience working in a steel manufacturing facility as well as an Aerospace company. My experience has included designing parts for machines to improve products, and help the facilities run more safely and efficiently. I...
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Engineering Contractor  
UTC Aerospace Systems, April 2017 to October 2017, Princeton, New Jersey United States
(Aerospace & Defense)
I worked with other engineers to update documents as well as AutoCAD and Solidworks drawings to meet current policies and procedures.

Ellwood Mill Products, January 2013 to August 2014, New Castle, Pennsylvania United States
(Manufacturing & Processing)
My responsibilities included designing parts for various machines in order to help the facility operate more safely and efficiently. I have experience in using AutoCAD and Solidworks, and working with contractors to receive competing bids and fabricate my designs.


University of Pittsburgh  
Bachelor Of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Aug, 2010 to Apr, 2015


Senior Design Project  by      

Under the supervision of a Professor at Pitt, I worked with two other students to design a fixture for an axial loading machine that could be used to hold cadaver knees and test the strength of the ACL ligament. This project involved designing the fixture, doing calculations to ensure it would handle the required stress applied to it, and fabricating it in Pitt's machine shop. More information and pictures of this project can be found on my website