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Commercial / Project Director

Leader of Proposals and Projects ranging from new coal fired power plants, to after-market services in maintaining aging boilers, to more recently, natural gas conversions to reduce NOx emissions and CO2. 40 year career developed through OEM and Engineering organizations including; Foster...
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Director, Commercial Operations (Proposals)  
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Amercias, June 2010 to December 2016, Basking Ridge, New Jersey United States
(Electric Power)
• Achieved two natural gas conversion contracts for five coal fired boilers in Pennsylvania and Illinois, each ranging from 100 MW to 550 MW. • Developed four engineering contracts for gas conversions and reduced NOx/CO2 emissions for generating facilities in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Alberta, Canada • Developed after-market services business for existing power plants in North America including steam generator upgrades, low NOx coal burners and natural gas conversions with over 20 budget and firm price proposals. • Managed two SCR retrofit proposals for electric utilities under emissions compliance requirements of EPA addressing catalyst technology and engineered solutions involving substantial modifications to existing coal fired power plants.

Project Director and Commercial Manager  
Hitachi Power Systems Americas, December 2005 to May 2010, Basking Ridge, New Jersey United States
(Electric Power)
• Directed award of AMP-Ohio contract for two 530 MW Steam Generators and two Steam-Turbine-Generators, under project team organization in our offices in New Jersey & Japan. Also, provided technical leadership and commercial management of Steam Generator project execution in Hitachi’s NJ office. Accelerated procurements produced unparalleled project team achievements in only 5 months, until contract was terminated late 2009. • Developed steam generator business in North American market based on execution organization in NJ office. From inquiry to negotiations, managed all aspects of proposals, including customers such as Duke Energy-Cliffside, Sunflower-Holcomb, Nevada Power-Ely and AMP Inc. • Steam Generator proposals have included 10 firm price bids and 16 budgetary bids for a total of approximately $5 billion in business opportunities in 3.5 years. • Integrated activities with Hitachi parent company included design optimizations, technical specifications, procurements, estimates, schedules, execution plans and commercial terms aligned with the North American market. • Achieved two contracts for Duke-Cliffside (900 MW) valued at $230 million and AMP Inc (530 MW x2) at $270 million. Several domestic project opportunities remained under consideration, and were on-hold due to CO2 issues in 2008 and 2009. Alternative international opportunities for sub-critical steam generators were also pursued.

Senior Project Manager  
General Electric - Energy, December 2004 to November 2005, Schenectady, New York United States
(Electric Power)
Introduced IGCC gasification projects for the North American market under alliance between GE and Bechtel. Entered into two FEED contracts for two 630 MWe plants for AEP and Duke/Cinergy. Developed schedules, budgets, procurement plans and execution plans. This involved the coordination of power and process disciplines among 5 business groups.

Project Director / Project Manager  
Foster Wheeler Power Group, December 1991 to January 2004, Clinton, New Jersey United States
(Electric Power)
• Led two proposals for Vietnam including CFB steam generators 2x 150 MW for Shanghai Electric (Cam Pha) and anthracite coal-fired steam generators 2x 300MW for Dongfang Electric (Haiphong). Business development opportunities were driven by China Government financing in support of EPC bidding by Chinese partners for Vietnam. • Managed group of 8 Project Managers and 12 Project Engineers who were responsible for the design, supply and construction of several HRSG contracts, totaling $667 million. Raised discipline of project teams to implement change management and risk mitigation with weekly monitoring. Led to improved project execution, risk management and increased accounts receivable. • Provided project leadership for world’s largest anthracite coal-fired steam generators, 2x 720 MW for Hanfeng Power Plant, with a total contract value of $174.4 million. Developed global procurement plan, maximizing Europe and China sourcing of $120 million for a cost savings of $19 million. Led project teams at three international locations – Madrid, Beijing and USA, driven by non-recourse project financing under 4 loans. • Executed coal handling system ($25 million) of extended scope project, 2x 350 MW for Ezhou Power Plant. Required direct hiring of engineering specialists to supervise Design Institute engineering and procurements from UK, China and USA. • Managed pulverizer contract valued at $12.2 million for Yangquan Power Plant. Developed first China fabricator securing 3 fold increase in profit. • Organized technology transfer contract valued at $8 million for Dongfang Boiler Works. This required the co-design with Dongfang licensee and Design Institute for 2 years, for 2 projects, 300 MW and 600 MW involving 60 China engineers in USA. Increased profits $ 2.5+ million and secured royalties of $ 4+ million.

Project Engineer / Proposal Engineer / Commissioning Engineer  
Foster Wheeler Power Group, June 1976 to November 1991, Clinton, New Jersey United States
(Electric Power)
Various assignments ranging from...supporting equipment contracts with project engineering, specifications, subcontracting and commissioning problem sales/marketing presentations for China developing power plant simulator and training construction inspections and commissioning start-up at15 electric utility and industrial boiler facilities. Refer to resume uploaded to LinkedIn profile for additional information.


Rutgers University, College of Engineering  
Bachelor Of Science, Mechanical Engineerings, Sep, 1972 to May, 1976