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Mechanical Engineering Student

I´m a senior year Mechanical Engineering student vry passionate about engineering and interested in new developments on energy, automotive and aeronautical industries


Mechanical Engineering Intern  
INELECTRA, S.A.C.A, May 2019 to Present, Caracas Venezuela
(Oil & Gas)
Duties: Intern in the rotary equipment division. Duties: -To analyze the behaviour of mechanical components of turbomachinery for Oil & Gas applications. -To assist in the selection and evaluation of rotary equipment during front end engineering phase of multiple major energy conversion projects across America.

HVAC Engineering Assistant  
Industrial Refrimaq C.A., May 2017 to September 2017, Caracas Venezuela
unior engineering intern that gave support and assist in design and installation of HVAC systems. Duties: • To translate and develop engineering procedures manuals to perform the installation and the maintenance task of the LG MULTI-V® HVAC units. • To calculate thermal loads on the equipment installation zone for the selection of the proper equipment and the design of pipelines and ductwork. • To draw piping blueprints using AUTOCAD for industrial and residential installations. Achievements: • Developed engineering procedures manuals that made easier and straightforward installation and maintenance of LG MULTI-V® HVAC units which led to a 20% efficiency increase.

Drivetrain Design Leader  
Formula SAE USB, May 2016 to June 2017, Caracas Venezuela
Design and technical leader of the drivetrain system of the F-SAE USB 115 prototype. Attended and actively participated in Formula SAE International competition held in Michigan, USA in 2017. Duties: • To design and improve the drivetrain system, following the goal of reducing weight while maximizing vehicle performance. The design of the drivetrain pieces and the assembly of the system were performed on SOLIDWORKS 2017. • Check design functionality, stresses, dynamic loads and life of the drivetrain's components using ANSYS as analysis tool. • To Select and supervise the proper manufacturing processes (CNC, lathing, milling, water cutting machine, grinding machine) and thermal treatments for the pieces that make up the drivetrain system and other components of the vehicle. • To attend technical meetings and assist in the decision making process along with other technical leaders in order to find solutions for logistical and technical issues. Achievements: • Designed the drivetrain system of Formula SAE USB prototype 115, reducing 18% of the system´s total weight. This led to a maximized on-track performance of the vehicle and contributed to reduced manufacturing costs saving about 200$ (2% of prototype cost). • Designed drivetrain-engine coupling system, the new system proved to be more reliable than the previous therefore the failure rate of the system was reduced as much as 80%. • Exposed drivetrain design to judges of Formula SAE International Design Event 2017, the powertrain division (engine and drivetrain) obtained one of the highest scores in that event, scoring 19 out of 25 possible points.


Universidad Simon Bolivar USB  
Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Sep, 2013 to Present


formula SAE prototype 115  by  Yeisson Dias, Daniel Comas, Jose E. Rangel, Rodrigo Luengo, Arturo Story, Alexander Johnnson    
June, 2016 - May, 2017
Fourmula SAE prototype


  • Diploma of Computational Simulations for Engineers (ANSYS)
    Albatros Ingeniería (MS9E61DD292F38E27GUI)
    December 2018


Formula SAE delegation member
-Member of the delegation of Formula SAE USB team for two years in a row. We attended and competed in the Formula SAE Collegiate Design Series International competition held in Michigan, USA on years 2016 and 2017 on behalf of Simón Bolívar University.

BAJA SAE delegation member
Member of the delegation of BAJA SAE USB team that attended and competed in the Baja SAE Collegiate Design Series 2015 competition held in Oregon, USA on behalf of Simón Bolívar University.