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Kaiyue Deng

AM Research Scientist

• Young professional with MS Degree and 2 years' experience in Mechanical Design, Development, Prototyping, and Testing • Proficient in CAD softwares, FEA, MATLAB programming, 3D Printing technology • Solid understanding of Materials, Additive Manufacturing, CNC, Injection Molding, Mechanical...
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University at Buffalo  
Master Of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Aug, 2016 to Feb, 2019

Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology  
Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Sep, 2012 to Jul, 2016


Rule of Mixtures Model to Determine Elastic Modulus and Tensile Strength of 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon     
Published by (ASME IDETC 2019)
Authors: Kaiyue Deng, Hamid Khakpour Nejadkhaki, Felipe M. Pasquali, Anosh P. Amaria, Jason N. Armstrong, Joh.  Published November 25, 2019