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Keith Kearsley, PE


Focused Engineering LLC owner, mechanical engineer, finite element analyst (FEA), product development specialist. Lover of adventure, the outdoors, and my Royal Enfield motorcycle.


Focused Engineering LLC, March 2017 to Present, Eugene, Oregon United States
(Finite Element Analysis)
Focused Engineering LLC is a mechanican engineering consulting firm offering a range of services and specializing in Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise. See the link on this page for details!

Senior Product Development Engineer and R&D Machine Shop Manager  
Thoratec Corp, June 2007 to December 2015, Burlington, Massachusetts United States
(Cardiovascular Biomedical Devices)
Technical lead for multiple projects supporting ventricular assist devices. Generated concepts, drawings, prototypes, and finite element analysis of all sorts individually and as part of various teams. Designed and performed tests, mentored junior engineers, presented to various internal and external customers, and attended 20 live implant proceedures as technical support. Worked with vendors to refine prototypes, build test units, and create procedures in preparation for manufacture. Managed 3 person R&D machine shop with an extensive list of manual and CNC equipment. This position offered experience over a broad range of topics while also allowing time to dive deep into every topic. Experience in this position greatly exceeds even this description.

Project Engineer  
Senior Aerospace, Metal Bellows, June 1998 to June 2007, Sharon, Massachusetts United States
(Aerospace & Defense)
Began as an engineering co-op, transitioned into a full time engineer. This was another amazing experience that defies a brief description. Performed every aspect of R&D, product development, manufacturing engineering, and even much cross functional work with project management and quality assurance. Risk assessment, finite element analysis, design, testing, the works.

Engineering Co-op  
Smith & Nephew, June 1997 to December 1997, Mansfield, Massachusetts United States
(Surgical Tools)
Assist mechanical engineers with tool design, fabrication, concept generation, and drawing generation.

Engineering Co-op  
Zymark Corp, June 1996 to December 1996, Hopkinton, Massachusetts United States
Develop and improve manufacturing processes and process documents. Design and fabricate tooling and drawings.


Northeastern University  
Master Of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Sep, 2004 to Jan, 2008

Northeastern University  
Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Sep, 1995 to Jun, 2000
Magna Cum Laude, Honors Program, Golden Key National Honor Society, Pi Tau Sigma Honorary Mechanical Engineering Fraternity


Heatmate 2 & 3 Drivelines  by  Keith Kearsley    
June, 2007 - December, 2015
Various development and enhancement activities. All aspects of product development and failure investigations. Everything from concept generation to transfer to manufacturing in an ISO 13485 environment with particular focus on design development, analysis, and testing.

F-35 Bootstrap Accumulator  by  Jon Perry, Keith Kearsley, Pat Reed    

Design, development, and manufacture of a welded metal bellows gas precharged hydraulic accumulator for military use.

Space Station Water Tanks  by  Keith Kearsley, Dave Pickette    

A total of 5 water processing tanks for the ISS. Design, development, and manufacture of 3 from scratch. Fabrication of 2 per print. Technologies included ASME pressure vesel code, electronic sensors, explosion bonded fittings, laser, electron beam, and TIG welds, heat treating, and many other materials and technologies.

Other Aerospace & Defense  by  Keith Kearsley, Pat Reed    

Various products and customers. Examples include: Airborne laser gimble beam pass through torque couplings, commercial airline engine oil pressure sensors, varous products for Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, UTC, Eaton Aerospace, JPL (Mars lander freon accumulator), semiconductor processing seals, water pumps, exo-atmospheric kill vehicle fuel coupling, ASDS (special ops mini-submarine) hydraulic accumulator


  • Professional Engineer
    Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineers and Land Surveyors (92678PE)
    September 2017
  • Professional Engineer
    State of Washington Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (55425)
    October 2017
  • Professional Engineer
    California Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists (M 38755)
    December 2017


Modular Driveline  (8,794,989 B2)    
Inventors: Keith Hamilton Kearsley, Christopher James Cotter, Justin Aron Callaway, Maria Dominika Kulinski, John C. Layton, Ramesh Babu Jayaraman.  Issued August 05, 2014  in United States

Power and signal cable from implanted ventricular assist device (blood pump) to external system controller with special durability features and in-line connector for replacement of external portion.

Protective Cap for Driveline Cable Connector  (9,526,818 B2)    
Inventors: Keith Hamilton Kearsley, Gabe Wegel, Kathryn B. Frederick, Julien Duhamel, Brian Barber.  Issued December 27, 2016  in United States

Single piece water resistant biocompatible, sterilizable, rubber connector cover for use intraoperatively to protect a sensitive exposed electrical connector with unique ease of use features.

Surgical Tunneler  (US 20140188148 A1)    
Inventors: Pieter W.C.J. le Blanc, John Nguyen, Keith Kearsley, Julien Duhamel.  Filed December 19, 2013  in United States

Surgical tools to aid in the implantation of a ventricular assist device (blood pump) and the routing of its power and signal cable. Multiple novel tools.